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Launch a simple development http server with live reload capability.
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atom-live-server package

Launch a simple development http server with live reload capability.


This package is based on awesome Live Server project.


Command Keybinding Description
atom-live-server:start-server ctrl-alt-l Launch live server on default port, by default 3000.
atom-live-server:stop-server ctrl-alt-q Stops currently running instance of live server.
atom-live-server:start-3000 ctrl-alt-3 Launch live server on port 3000.
atom-live-server:start-4000 ctrl-alt-4 Launch live server on port 4000.
atom-live-server:start-5000 ctrl-alt-5 Launch live server on port 5000.
atom-live-server:start-8000 ctrl-alt-8 Launch live server on port 8000.
atom-live-server:start-9000 ctrl-alt-9 Launch live server on port 9000.


If a file .atom-live-server.json exists in project root it will be loaded and used as options.

The keys of .atom-live-server.json should match Command line parameters in live-server.

Example: Launch specific browser

  "browser": "safari"

Example: Start server without browser opened

  "no-browser": true

Example: Serve this file for every 404 (useful for single-page applications)

  "entry-file": "index.html"

Example: Serve this directory as root path

  "root": "public"
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