A reimplementation of redux using RxJS.
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A reimplementation of redux using RxJS.


Reactive by default, this makes difference.

If you just want to use redux with RxJS and don't care about API compatibility, see redux-core.


  • All of the redux APIs implemented.
  • Additionally, store provides 2 rx objects you can utilize:
    • dispatcher$ is a Subject that you can pass actions in.
    • state$ is an Observable, a stream of states.
  • And a helper function connectAction to stream actions to store (see example below).

What does it look like?

import {createStore, combineReducers, applyMiddleware, connectAction} from 'rx-redux'
import thunkMiddleware from 'redux-thunk'
import * as reducers from './reducers'
import { render, getActionStream } from './view'

const action$ = getActionStream();

const newCreateStore = applyMiddleware(thunkMiddleware)(createStore);
const reducer = combineReducers(reducers);
const store = newCreateStore(reducer);

// stream states to view
store.state$.subscribe(state => render(state));

// stream actions to dispatcher
action$.subscribe(action => store.dispatcher$.onNext(action));
// or you can write this way
// connectAction(action$, store);

Best practice to make your app all the way reactive

Don't do async in Middleware, create RxMiddleware instead.

This will ease the pain to build universal apps.


Which wraps action stream, look like this:

import Rx from 'rx';

export default function thunkMiddleware(getState) {
  return action => {
    if(typeof action === 'function') {
      return Rx.Observable.just(action(getState));

    // Don't know how to handle this thing, pass to next rx-middleware
    return Rx.Observable.just(action);

How to design RxMiddleware

  • Get action, return Observable.
  • Must return Observable.
    • If you don't want to return an action (eg. if counter is not odd), return a Rx.Observable.empty().

See a basic RxMiddleware example


  • Figure out how to test a Rx project (No experience before).
  • Work with Hot Module Replacement.
  • Work with redux-devtools.
  • More examples.


  • @xgrommx for submitting pull requests and suggestions.

Feel free to ask questions or submit pull requests!


  • redux, learn a lot through the source code.
  • Cycle.js for the cool MVI flow.


The MIT License (MIT)