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The atomic CSS library.

funcssion is a set of really simple CSS classes inspired by the philosophy behind pure functions. This basically means, they attempt to avoid side-effects.

Why attempt you might ask? Well, because of the very nature of CSS, adding up properties or complex classes to an element, usually does not work as expected.

Use of funcssion on top of other CSS libraries/frameworks is totally possible and even encouraged.

Whether you're an experienced CSS coder or a total beginner, funcssion is always a good choice!

Use it!

v0.1 is out! Minified CSS file is available here (3.7kB gzipped)
Documentation is available at


  • Request funcssion to be added to cdnjs
  • More granular grid system? (Depending on screen breakpoints, like Bootstrap sm- md- etc.)

Additional comments

This is a work in progress! Contributions (forks, issues, etc.) are more than welcome :)