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completion WP-CLI bash completion for zsh. Jun 1, 2017
README.org Switch to Prezto, install Debian/pip packages. Oct 17, 2015
shell-common.sh fix subliminal alias Jul 25, 2017
shell-debian.sh apt-get to apt Jun 4, 2018
shell-fun.zsh Functions for swearing. May 18, 2016
shell-mint.sh Linking fixes. Linux devd binary. Oct 27, 2015
shell-osx.sh Fix loading order. Oct 16, 2016
shell-python.sh Cleanup on mbp. Jun 18, 2017
shell-ubuntu.sh shell config for ubuntu Oct 26, 2018
shell-xubuntu.sh Shell updates on Zenbook/Ubuntu Jun 15, 2016
tmux.conf Cleanup on mbp. Jun 18, 2017
zsh-custom.symlink Set UTF-8 locale Sep 29, 2015


ZSH configuration built upon oh-my-zsh prezto.

Compatibility between Linux and OSX via conditional loading aliases defaulting to custom preference or common Linux commands.

TODO Bash command subset to be sourced via wget <url> | bash on rarely used boxes.

# On a highly configured and comfortable zsh shell prompt
ssh pi@

# Gives default Raspbian shell..
# :( $
wget http://<short_domain>/ba|bash

# Loads and applies essential customizations to ease the pain
# :) $