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Grocery receipt store

Web development course project

Prototype mobile webapp for storing receipts with automated text parsing.

Youtube Demo Video

Looks best with Chromium based browsers (uses datepicker in date-input field) and mobile browsers.


  • AngularJS + Bootstrap frontend
    • Pretty minimal animated UI
    • Some data visualization with D3 library
    • Autocompletes text input when entering products manually
  • Rest api backend with Python Flask
    • Scrapers for some Finnish grocery store items
    • Tesseract for OCR, called with shell script.
  • MongoDB database

Module seperation is pretty good in both backend and frontend.

  • TODO Architecture drawing


Untested on most browsers, works probably only on fairly new browsers.

Code is untested.

Proper data validation / db schema is missing.

Some problems with removing cookies at logout (http simple auth).

OCR could be done a lot better.. Currently works for demoing.

Project is not optimized for production use (minified js ...)

How to Build and Run