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Jasbi, Jaggi, Frank (2018): Conceptual and prosodic cues assist disjunction acquisition

Structure of the repo:

1_raw_data: contains the raw data used in the study. Files starting with "Providence" belong to our study 2: the annotation of disjunction in child directed speech in the Providence corpus of CHILDES. Other files belong to study 1. They record what we extracted from childes-db.

2_processed_data contains the dataframes used for study 1 plots. We obtain them by normalizing the frequency of the connectives by either the total number of words spoken by a speaker at a particular age (raw_normalized.csv) or the number of words in a particular speech act (bySpeechAct_normalized.csv).

figs contains the figures in the paper.


To reproduce, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the R programming language and R Studio installed. This project used R Version 3.4.2 and R Studio Version 1.1.383.

  2. Install the cogsci2016 package. You can find the pakcage and the instructions here.

  3. Install the childesr package. The github repo and instructions are here.

  4. Make sure the following R packages are installed: png (0.1.7), grid (3.4.2), ggplot2 (2.2.1), xtable (1.8.2), knitr (1.18), tidyverse (1.1.1), ggthemes (3.4.0), lubridate (1.6.0), magrittr (1.5), lme4 (1.1.14), lmerTest (2.0.33), forcats (0.2.0), bootstrap (2017.2), jpeg (0.1.8). If you want the packages installed at once use the following code: install.packages(c("png", "grid", "ggplot2", "xtable", "knitr", "tidyverse", "ggthemes", "lubridate", "magrittr", "lme4", "lmerTest", "forcats", "bootstrap", "jpeg")).

  5. Make sure you have an updated verison of LaTeX. You can install TeX by visiting the LaTeX Project website.

  6. Clone/download the repo here by clicking on the green button "Clone or download" on the right top of this page.

  7. On your computer, open the main Rmarkdown file (JasbiJaggiFrank_cogsci2018.Rmd) and press Knit.

Hopefully the Rmd file renders with no error and you get the pdf file (JasbiJaggiFrank_cogsci2018.pdf). If you see any errors/problems while reproducing our work or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the first author.

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