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Extracting data from Twitter for @hrbrmstr's #nom foodie images

Rendered on: 2018-01-16

Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr) is a famed expert, author and developer in Data Security and the Chief Security Data Scientist at Rapid7. Bob also creates the most deliciously vivid images of his meals documented by the #nom hashtag. I'm going to use a similar method used in my previous projects (Hipster Veggies & Machine Learning Flashcards) to wrangle all those images into a nice collection - mostly for me to look at for inspiration in recipe planning.

Yum! Have you ever thought about collecting all these recipes & images into a cookbook?!

— Jasmine Dumas (@jasdumas) January 15, 2018
<script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Source Repository: jasdumas/bobs-noms


library(rtweet) # devtools::install_github("mkearney/rtweet")

# get all of bob's recent tweets
bobs_tweets <- get_timeline(user = "hrbrmstr", n = 3200)

#filter noms with images only
bobs_noms <- 
  bobs_tweets %>% dplyr::filter(str_detect(hashtags, "nom"), !

bobs_noms$clean_text <- bobs_noms$text
bobs_noms$clean_text <- str_replace(bobs_noms$clean_text,"#[a-zA-Z0-9]{1,}", "") # remove the hashtag
bobs_noms$clean_text <- str_replace(bobs_noms$clean_text, " ?(f|ht)(tp)(s?)(://)(.*)[.|/](.*)", "") # remove the url link
bobs_noms$clean_text <- str_replace(bobs_noms$clean_text, "[[:punct:]]", "") # remove punctuation

# let's look at these images in a smaller data set
bobs_noms_small <- bobs_noms %>% select(created_at, clean_text, media_url)

bobs_noms_small$img_md <- paste0("![", bobs_noms_small$clean_text, "](", bobs_noms_small$media_url, ")")

bobs_noms_small$img_md %>% 
kable( format = "html") %>%
  kable_styling(bootstrap_options = "striped", 
                full_width = F) 
![Moroccaninspired lamb meatballs prepped. Naan dough is kneading. Going to be a sup tonight.](
![Tsukune with tare tonight](
![Lamb roast isnt too shabby either](
![The pain de mie thankfully came out well](
![Sage rosemary & espresso infused salt rubbed roast lamb. Goose fat roasted potatoes *almost * done](
![Ham amp; turkey frittata time!](
![is home \#2's Wedding Sunday. 20 ppl over tonight for 🦃 \#joy \#nom](
![Definitely an Indonesian spring rolls kind of night](
![Homemade breadsticks for the homemade pasta and meatballs tonight](
![Bonein PBC smoked pork roast](
![Prosciutto de Parma Cacio di Bosco & spinach omelettes this morning](
![Our Friday night is shaping up well How’s yours going?](
![Pork tenderloin on the PBC tonight](
![Overnight nutmeg-infused yeast waffles with sautéd local picked Maine apples & Maine maple syrup](
# create a function to save these images! save_image <- function(df){ for (i in c(1:nrow(df))){ image <- try(image_read(df$media_url[[i]]), silent = F) if(class(image)[1] != "try-error"){ image %>% image_scale("1200x700") %>% image_write(paste0("data/", bobs_noms$clean_text[i],".jpg")) }
   cat("saved images...\n")


## saved images...

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