NI Assembly Open Data API accessed with Clojure and Sparkling.
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NI Assembly Open Data with Sparkling and Clojure.

For information on the NI Assembly Open Data please have a look at the API is excellent and well documented.

The codebase is work in progress and changes from time to time, nothing too drastic.

If anything it's a good start to show how Spark is used within Clojure code using the Gorilla Labs Sparkling Library

Getting Started

Fire up your REPL of choice and first copy/paste the Spark config and context lines in the comment block. You'll see them load up from the REPL, as soon as you have a Spark context you are ready to rock.

Loading the Members

mlas.core>(def members (load-members sc members-path))

Bulk Loading the Questions via URL

At present (though it will change) the personId is not present in the questions API. There's a function to load slurp these files in one by one for each member saving the JSON file in the resources/questions folder.

mlas.core>(save-question-data members)

This may take some times to load them in as they can be quite large.

To load them in as RDD's as it stands it's best to re-map through the members list for the personId key and load the files in as PairRDD.

mlas.core>(def questions (load-questions members)))

With the members PairRDD [personid, member-record]) and the questions PairRDD [personid, questions] it's easy to do a join.

mlas.core>(def member-questions (join-members-questions members questions))

This will give you a PairRDD of [personid, [member-record, questions]] then you have a basis for counting and analysis.

Finding Frequencies

I've included one function to find the frequency of departments each member will direct questions to.

mlas.core>(def freqs (department-frequencies-rdd members-questions-rdd))

Which will give this type of output:

sparkling/tuple ["8" {"Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure" 32, "Department of the Environment" 96, "Department for Social Development" 76, "Department of Agriculture and Rural Development" 53, "Department for Employment and Learning" 40, "Department for Regional Development" 128, "Northern Ireland Assembly Commission" 18, "Department of Education" 131, "Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety" 212, "Department of Justice " 38, "Department of Finance and Personnel" 105, "Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister" 151, "Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment" 66}]```

### More Ideas For The Data.
* Who asked the most questions?
* What's the answered/non-answered ratio?
* What is the term frequency/inverse document frequency (TF/IDF) of the questions asked?