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An incremental approach to compiler construction

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🌱 A tiny scheme compiler Build Status Docs

🐳 A tiny educational Scheme compiler written in Rust that generates readable x86 assembly. Implements the paper An Incremental Approach to Compiler Construction by Abdulaziz Ghuloum. We aim to be complete, correct and fast, in that order of importance.

Getting started

$ cargo build
$ cargo test

Running simple programs is straight forward.

$ echo "(define (twice x) (* x 2)) (twice 21)" | cargo run -q

How does this work?

The previous step generates x86 assembly that gets compiled to a very tiny (~13KB) native executable binary along with some runtime written in Rust and some glue code in C.

$ ./inc

$ file inc
inc: Mach-O 64-bit executable x86_64

$ stat -f "%z" inc

The generated assembly is usually easy to read, and if you squint hard enough kinda looks like the source code 😉

 $ echo "(define (twice x) (* x 2)) (twice 21)" | cargo run -q -- -S
    .section __TEXT,__text
    .intel_syntax noprefix

    .globl "_init"
    push rbp
    mov rbp, rsp
    mov r12, rdi        # Store heap index to R12
    mov rax, 168
    mov qword ptr [rbp - 24], rax
    call "twice"
    pop rbp

    .globl "twice"
    push rbp
    mov rbp, rsp
    mov rax, [rbp - 8]
    mov qword ptr [rbp - 16], rax
    mov rax, 16
    sar rax, 3
    mul qword ptr [rbp - 16]
    pop rbp

Under the hood, inc compiles scheme to x86 assembly and uses Clang (or GCC on Linux) to generate machine executable binaries.

Generate the asm

$ echo "(define (twice x) (* x 2)) (twice 21)" | cargo run -q -- -S > inc.s

Compile the runtime as well the generated assembly into shared object files

$ clang -c inc.s     # Generates inc.o
$ clang -c runtime.c # Generates runtime.o
$ cargo build        # Generates ./target/debug/libinc.dylib

Link it all together with a linker

$ ld -L./target/debug runtime.o inc.o -linc -ldl -lpthread -o inc

The same binary is generated again

$ ./inc

Conveniently clang can do it all in one step if you prefer it that way.

$ clang -L./target/debug inc.s runtime.c  -linc -ldl -lpthread -o inc


Inc is reasonably well documented and is preferably read with Cargo docs. Build docs locally or read online (⚠ Could be outdated)

$ cargo doc --document-private-items --open

Where can I learn more?

  1. Read the paper for an overview
  2. Watch a talk about this project if that works better.
  3. Ask HN: What's the best resource for learning modern x64 assembly?


This project started in Chez, later ported it to Racket and then again to rust. The old project still lives at rkt.


An incremental approach to compiler construction







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