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1 parent 83ee7bd commit 6e14556936def97f5890c5e269847fc6a45e8aed @jaseemabid committed Jan 15, 2012
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  1. +1 −1 css/tuw.css
  2. +7 −7 index.php
2 css/tuw.css
@@ -187,7 +187,7 @@ border-bottom:1px solid red;
-#coloumn {
+.coloumn {
14 index.php
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
<title>Team unwired</title>
-<meta charset=UTF-8">
+<meta charset=UTF-8>
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="graphics/favicon.ico">
<link href="css/tuw.css" rel="stylesheet"/>
<link href="css/polaroid.css" rel="stylesheet"/>
@@ -81,34 +81,34 @@
<div class="text" style="width:460px;top:95px; left:150px;">
You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth.
- <img src='graphics/homepan.png' class="goldenImage" />
+ <img src='graphics/homepan.png' class="goldenImage" alt="Car at hockey ground"/>
<div class='main2'>
<div class='boxtitle'>About teamunwired</div>
Hailing from God's own country,teamunwired is an ensemble of engineers-to-be at National Institute of Technology Calicut (NIT Calicut), one of the country's best technical institutes. We call ourselves Unwired, a team that relishes on engineering challenges. The primary motivation for competing in Baja SAE lies in the desire to go through the hands-on experience of building an engineering prototype and the thrill in watching it work. The 25-membered team comprises inter disciplinary undergraduate students from 2nd to 4th year.<br/><br/>
-<li><a target="_blank" href='content/TeamUnwiredbrochure.pdf' >Download Marketing Brochure</a></li>
+<a target="_blank" href='content/TeamUnwiredbrochure.pdf' >Download Marketing Brochure</a>
<!--\ main display -->
<div id="coloumns">
- <div id="coloumn" style="padding:0 15px; height:355px;">
+ <div class=coloumn style="padding:0 15px; height:355px;">
<script src=""></script>
(new TWTR.Widget({version:2,type:"profile",rpp:4,interval:3E4,width:280,height:270,theme:{shell:{background:"rgba(12, 12, 12, 0.6);",color:"#ffffff"},tweets:{background:"#000000",color:"#ffffff",links:"#f31414"}},features:{scrollbar:false,loop:true,live:true,hashtags:true,timestamp:true,avatars:false,behavior:"all"}})).render().setUser("teamunwired").start();
- <div id="coloumn" style="margin:0px 10px">
+ <div class=coloumn style="margin:0px 10px">
<div class='boxtitle' style="height:300px" id='SponsorTitle' >Current Sponsor</div>
<br />
<a class='SponsorLink' href=''>
- <img id='jSlider' src="graphics/logos/sw.png" class="sponLogos" />
+ <img id='jSlider' src="graphics/logos/sw.png" class="sponLogos" alt="Solid works"/>
- <div id="coloumn">
+ <div class=coloumn>
<div class='boxtitle'>News and updates</div>
<ul class='news'>
<li>The new car : gasotech unwind 2.0. Thanks to our title sponsor Gasotech</li>

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