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Welcome to
sample homepage
false is a list of resources and tutorials to help with games developement primarily targetted at general, Blender and Unity knowledge.
<div class="post-list">
    {% for post in site.posts limit:10 %}

<h2><a class="post-link" href="{{ post.url | remove: "/" }}">{{ post.title }}</a></h2>
    <span class="post-meta">{{ | date: "%b %-d, %Y" }} /
        {% for tag in post.tags %}

            <a href="{{ "tag_" | append: tag | append: ".html"}}">{{tag}}</a>{% unless forloop.last %}, {% endunless%}

            {% endfor %}</span>

{{ post.content }} {% endfor %}

    <p><a href="feed.xml" class="btn btn-primary navbar-btn cursorNorm" role="button">RSS Subscribe{{tag}}</a></p>

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