WordPress plugin that adds fully customisable SVG social media icons
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Social Icons Obvs

Add fully customisable SVG social icons to your WordPress website. Icon customisation includes colour, shape, size, alignment and spacing.


Jase Warner ( https://jase.io )


Social Icons Obvs offers the ability to add social media icons to a WordPress site with extensive customising options, such as icon background colour, shape, size, spacing and alignment.

The plugin settings page consists of three sections: Accounts, Customise and Display.


The Accounts section consists of 14 social media channels that can be switched on, at which point a profile URL is required.

The plugin currently serves the following channels: Behance, Bitbucket, Dribbble, Facebook, GitHub, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.


The Customise section features various options, including:

  • Background colours are available as either branded, transparent or custom (the latter features a colour picker for selecting a specific HEX value).
  • Shapes (that is, the shape that each icon sits within) can either be square, circle or square with rounded corners.
  • Size can either be small (30 x 30 px), medium (40 x 40 px) or large (50 x 50 px).
  • Alignment can be set to either center, left or right.
  • Spacing places a certain amount of space either side of each icon and can be set to either Extra Small (5 px), Small (10 px), Medium (15 px), Large (20 px) or Extra Large (25 px).


In this section, the icons can be dragged and dropped into the desired order, the top one being the first.

Once the changes have been saved, place the shortcode [social_icons_obvs] wherever you would like the icons to be displayed.


Head over to the WordPress Plugin Directory page to download the plugin and follow the instructions there.