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+## Introduction
+This is a demo project how you could set up a blogging engine with comments. The frontend can be fully customised using
+Freemarker templates and CSS stored inside the Hippo Repository.
+This is also the source code and design behind [](
+## Build the project
+The project will contain at least 4 subprojects:
+ cms - a pre-configured content repository and CMS
+ demoblogcontent - sample content including documents and pictures for the sample site
+ content - document types, minimal folder structure and configuration that lives in the repository
+ site - the front-end website. Uses either Freemarker or JSP for the rendering.
+Now build your project using the following command in the root folder of your project:
+ mvn install
+This will produce two WAR files:
+ cms/target/cms.war
+ site/target/site.war
+## Run the weblog demo
+See "[Run and develop with Cargo](".
+## How do I?
+See the [documentation]( This is also available in the demo content for this project.

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