Download, translate subtitles for NRK TV programs.
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Download, translate subtitles for NRK TV programs.


  • Python 3.4+
  • Beautiful Soup 4
  • Requests


To download subtitles for a programs, provide it's URL as the first argument:

$ url=''
$ $url


All command line options and arguments, and their purposes can be queried using the help switch:

$ --help


By default, nrksub will print the subtitles out to STDOUT. To write to a file, provide a file name as the second argument:

$ $url


nrksub can translate the Norwegian subtitles provided by NRK automatically using Google Translate. The translations are by no means perfect, but they are better than nothing. By default, the subtitles are translated to English, but you can use any language supported by Google Translate:

$ --lang es $url
Spanish output
$ --lang de $url
German output

If you want the original Norwegian subtitles, set the language to no (for Norwegian). This will skip the translation process:

$ --lang no $url


By default, nrksub will output SRT format subtitles. nrksub can also output TTML format subtitles, but this is mostly for debugging purposes and of little use, as rarely any video player supports them:

$ --format ttml $url

More formats maybe added in the future, if I have the time.