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Find, set PHC VIDs for under volting CPUs.
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pyphctool is a simple program to find and set CPU voltage IDs (VIDs) exposed by the PHC Linux kernel module.


  • Python >= 3.4
  • PHC Linux kernel module
  • cpufreq kernel module


The included distutils setup script can be used to install the files:

$ python install


Find VIDs

Safe VIDs for a CPU can be determined using the findvids subcommand. Since Intel & AMD CPUs differ in how the VIDs are actually mapped to the voltages, the CPU type must be specified to the findvids subcommand.

For Intel CPUs:

$ pyphctool findvids intel

And for AMD CPUs:

$ pyphctool findvids amd

findvids works by stressing the CPU while iteratively decreasing the CPU voltage until the system crashes.

Once findvids finishes (or the system crashes), safe VIDs can be found in the passedvids.temp file.

NOTE: findvids WILL crash your system

Set VIDs

To set VIDs from a config file use the setvids subcommand:

$ pyphctool setvids /etc/phc/vids.conf

The format of this file will differ from system to system. It should contain a line containing VIDs for every FID (frequency ID) the CPU supports delimited by whitespace.


A Systemd service is included to automatically set the VIDs at boot time. Enable it using:

$ systemctl enable pyphctool-setvids.service

Disable it using:

$ systemctl disable pyphctool-setvids.service

The service expects there to be a config file at /etc/phc/vids.conf

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