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@@ -438,7 +438,7 @@
<li>– <a href="#examples-flow">Flow</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-wordpress"></a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-foursquare">Foursquare</a></li>
- <li>– <a href="#examples-wunderkit">Wunderkit</a></li>
+ <li>– <a href="#examples-bitbucket">Bitbucket</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-disqus">Disqus</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-khan-academy">Khan Academy</a></li>
<li>– <a href="#examples-do">Do</a></li>
@@ -2693,25 +2693,24 @@ <h2 id="examples-foursquare">Foursquare</h2>
<img width="550" height="427" data-original="docs/images/foursquare.png" alt="Foursquare" class="example_image" />
- <h2 id="examples-wunderkit">Wunderkit</h2>
+ <h2 id="examples-bitbucket">Bitbucket</h2>
- <a href="">Wunderkit</a> is a productivity and
- social collaboration platform. It
- uses Backbone.js as the foundation for the single-page application,
- which is backed by a RESTful Rails API.
- The freedom and agility that Backbone gives to developers
- made it possible to build Wunderkit in a very short time and
- extend it with custom features: a write-through cache using HTML5
- localStorage, and a view hierarchy extension to easily manage trees of
- sub-views. Aside from Backbone, Wunderkit also
- depends on <a href="">jQuery</a>, <a href="">Underscore</a>, <a href="">Require.js</a>, <a href="">LESS</a> and doT.js templates.
+ <a href="">Bitbucket</a> is a free source code hosting
+ service for Git and Mercurial. Through its models and collections,
+ Backbone.js has proved valuable in supporting Bitbucket's
+ <a href="">REST API</a>, as well as newer
+ components such as in-line code comments and approvals for pull requests.
+ Mustache templates provide server and client-side rendering, while a custom
+ <a href="">Google Closure</a>
+ inspired life-cycle for widgets allows Bitbucketto decorate existing DOM
+ trees and insert new ones.
<div style="text-align: center;">
- <a href="">
- <img width="543" height="525" data-original="docs/images/wunderkit.png" alt="Wunderkit" class="example_image" />
+ <a href="">
+ <img width="550" height="356" data-original="docs/images/bitbucket.png" alt="Bitbucket" class="example_image" />

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