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Issue #4099 - Fix broken links for Jasmine and jQuery templates (#4110)

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1 parent 5162e49 commit 6ee2547a4cf0cb2af08663a6462a711f66f97ffd @charleswhchan charleswhchan committed with akre54 Dec 30, 2016
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@@ -3921,7 +3921,7 @@ <h2 id="examples-zocdoc">ZocDoc</h2>
large single-page application that
benefits from Backbone's structure and modularity. ZocDoc's Backbone
classes are tested with
- <a href="">Jasmine</a>, and delivered
+ <a href="">Jasmine</a>, and delivered
to the end user with
<a href="">Cassette</a>.
@@ -4059,7 +4059,7 @@ <h2 id="examples-soundcloud">SoundCloud Mobile</h2>
<a href="">SoundCloud Mobile</a>. The project uses
the public SoundCloud <a href="">API</a>
as a data source (channeled through a nginx proxy),
- <a href="">jQuery templates</a>
+ <a href="">jQuery templates</a>
for the rendering, <a href="">Qunit
</a> and <a href="">PhantomJS</a> for
the testing suite. The JS code, templates and CSS are built for the

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