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removed reference to model.change from docs

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1 parent abccd98 commit 9a2633c1e7d3a9bcb5b4dc2c3aaffbf3cb08ac76 @adriaanlabusc adriaanlabusc committed Dec 29, 2012
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@@ -981,14 +981,6 @@ <h2 id="Model">Backbone.Model</h2>
<tt>"error"</tt> event, should validation fail.
- <p>
- Passing <tt>{silent: true}</tt> as an option will defer the event.
- This is useful when you want to change attributes provisionally or rapidly,
- without propagating the change through the rest of the system.
shamrin added a line comment Apr 19, 2013

Commit message says it removed a reference to model.change. Ok, but it also removed two sentences about {silent: true}. It is because {silent: true} behaviour changed? How?

I know this commit is old, but I want to understand Backbone better. Thank you!

tgriesser added a line comment Apr 19, 2013

@shamrin {silent: true} was temporarily removed from Backbone. It has since been put back, but it's use is discouraged as its use has been the source of a lot of bugs - see the paragraph at the bottom of this section.

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- That said, <tt>silent</tt> doesn't mean that the change (and event) won't happen,
- it's merely silenced until the next <a href="#Model-change">change</a>.
- </p>
<p id="Model-escape">
<b class="header">escape</b><code>model.escape(attribute)</code>
<br />

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