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Commits on Dec 02, 2010
@jashkenas Fixing Issue #109 -- ignore 'add' and 'remove' events that originate …
…from models shared with other collections.
@jashkenas adding a bit more of a test for changedattributes. d4dc736
@jashkenas Events#trigger ... making it safe to unbind your own event within a t…
…rigger() call.
@mkelly12 mkelly12 Add urlBase option to model to allow specifying restful url without u…
…sing a collection
Commits on Dec 03, 2010
@jashkenas A silent change to a model will now make hasChanged() return true ...…
… Issue #105
@ckorhonen ckorhonen Added append option when fetching a collection. Useful when lazy load…
…ing data sets.
Commits on Dec 06, 2010
@jashkenas Adding an FAQ section to the backbone docs. 3246463
@jashkenas adding an FAQ section. f194f2d
Commits on Dec 07, 2010
@mtodd mtodd Implement for attr test, with docs, tests 21a3675
Commits on Dec 08, 2010
@jashkenas Adding FAQ section for bootstrapping 9f842bd
@jashkenas Adding FAQ section for bootstrapping 06a1506
@jashkenas Merge branch 'Model-is' of b73fc46
@jashkenas Adding Model#has to Backbone... 0c1bbbc
@jashkenas Adding Collection#fetch with add: true 784adc6
@jashkenas Fixing un-released models from refresh'd collections. Issue #128 6ea500b
Commits on Dec 10, 2010
@jashkenas Make Backbone View's delegateEvents only ever unbind the events that …
…it adds itself.
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 03aa12a
@jashkenas merge mkelley's urlBase, renamed to urlRoot. e8be47f
@jashkenas documenting urlRoot ... making collection.url take precedence over ur…
…lRoot, if defined.
@jashkenas Issue #132 ... initial _changed after new with attributes. 53ae5b5
Commits on Dec 12, 2010
@sstephenson sstephenson Multiple views may listen for events on the same element 34d1d0a
Commits on Dec 13, 2010
@jashkenas Issue #134. json2.js source link. 5886fe4
@jashkenas Merge branch 'multiple-views-per-element' of… aec3f47
@jashkenas Merging Issue #135. Multiple views per DOM element. d01b136
@jashkenas Issue #78. Changes the Backbone.sync API to enable passing through of…
… options ... like {data} in fetch()
Commits on Dec 17, 2010
@josh josh Pass Collection#fetch options along to refresh
Matches the behavior of Model#fetch
@jashkenas Expanding View#el documentation. 43176d9
@sstephenson sstephenson If Backbone.View#el is a string, pass it through $(...).get(0) in _en…
@sstephenson sstephenson Pass along the current value of `this` to Backbone's closure wrapper 2c29387
@jashkenas Merging Issue #149. View#el can be a string. 12f7ae9
@jashkenas Merge branch 'closure-scope' of 714a521
@sstephenson sstephenson Update test-zepto.html for Zepto 0.3 8c5cd17
@jashkenas Merge branch 'zepto' of c644866
@jashkenas Making the collection-proxies-model-events a bit more clear 2610593
Commits on Dec 20, 2010
@jashkenas Issue #143, properly escaping regex characters in literal routes. 3098321
@jashkenas adding options to the onError direct callback. 4d6d494
@jashkenas adding a bit more explanation to Model#save onError e3aa575
@jashkenas Revising controller test as per dvv's suggestion. c0c8cb2
Commits on Dec 21, 2010
@jashkenas Allowing Model#defaults to be a function as well as a hash. 331cb8b
@jashkenas prefer single quotes. 67dd2ee
@jashkenas Taking some of dvv's suggestions. a0ace0d
Commits on Dec 23, 2010
@jashkenas Updating Model-save documentation. 65e4340
Commits on Dec 30, 2010
@jashkenas Updating to latest QUnit, fixing Issue #153 ... overly aggressive url…
@jashkenas Issue #154. Make possible for creates and updates with t…
…he default sync.
@jashkenas removing broken History-saveLocation link. 178887e
Commits on Jan 03, 2011
@jashkenas Adding as a Backbone example. c933262
Commits on Jan 04, 2011
Andrew Badr delete when unsetting the id attribute 2fd11a8
Commits on Jan 05, 2011
@samuelclay samuelclay Fixing a small bug in model inheritance: Class properties need to be …
…inherited (along with the instance properties). See test.
Commits on Jan 11, 2011
@hippich hippich Add attributes parameter to Backbone.View. All attributes are being a…
…pplied to view's this.el during element creation.
@jashkenas Model::escape() now coerces non-string (non-falsy) values to strings …
…before escaping them.
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 39cabb8
@hippich hippich Merge branch 'master' of ece686d
Commits on Jan 19, 2011
@jashkenas Pushing the example. 0c03331
@jashkenas Adding Tzigla to the examples. d4a091b
@jashkenas merging in tzigla example. 65f6830
Commits on Jan 22, 2011
@josh josh Improve multiple collection support
Preserve original model collection when adding/removing from another collection
Destroying a model removes it from all collections
@jashkenas merging in fixes for models in multiple collections ... a2f0468
Commits on Feb 01, 2011
@jashkenas Adding CloudEdit as an example. 3619844
@jashkenas Merge branch 'gh-pages' 79b33ae
Commits on Feb 04, 2011
@jed jed keep custom `sync` methods for a given model/collection scoped to `th…
Commits on Feb 06, 2011
@KrisJordan KrisJordan Forcing Collection.create to run through validation before saving. 7442f82
@jashkenas Merging issue #216 (+ others) validation on Collection#create. 4c41ea7
@jashkenas Adding an index.js for npm, Issue #207 51f9ce6
Commits on Feb 07, 2011
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 1944234
@jashkenas Throw an error if Backbone.history.start is called twice. f1e0f6b
@jashkenas No periods on errors. 7d4d527
@jashkenas Merge branch 'unset_id' of 0383ef7
@jashkenas Merging in #167, unsetting 'id' ec68420
@jashkenas Changing route order behavior. Issue #189. Declarative route maps are…
… the same, procedural route() calls can now override previously-defined routes.
@jashkenas Upgrading Backbone.js (test) dependencies to latest jQuery, Zepto, an…
…d Underscore.
@jashkenas Fixing test-zepto.html HTML. d04bf67
@jashkenas Initial support for models with non-default id attribute names (Mongo…
…DB, CouchDB). Various tickets.
@jashkenas Issue #209 ... unsetting a missing attribute should not fire a change…
… event.
@jashkenas fixing lingering idAttribute spot -- thanks, jdknezek c5160fc
@jashkenas ditto c6d2c69
@jo jo encodeURIComponent
in Backbone.Model.prototype.url
@jashkenas Merging in a test for Issue #204 4489d7f
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 512ff7e
@jashkenas merging #179 + refactor, view 'attributes' for this.el a5079ab
Commits on Feb 14, 2011
@jashkenas .get -> .escape in the docs ce05957
@jashkenas linking to the documentcloud workspace 02c40e5
@jashkenas adding basecamp mobile, instagreat, and tilemill 0ca0481
@jashkenas Issue #223 ... fixing json2.js link. f4a394b
@jashkenas Issue #224 ... underlining links, updating docs. 6c968b6
Commits on Feb 15, 2011
@rsim rsim destroy of non-persisted model should not call sync 5a89ed3
Commits on Feb 28, 2011
@jashkenas Adding mql's 52953c1
@jashkenas merged gh-pages in. 7216d99
Commits on Mar 01, 2011
@DmitryBaranovskiy DmitryBaranovskiy Fixed escapeHTML function
to skip not only &***;, but also &#***; and &x***;
Commits on Mar 09, 2011
@jasondavies jasondavies Only set request content type for create/update 83250a5
@jasondavies jasondavies Fix typo ee2ec92
Commits on Mar 10, 2011
@jashkenas Adding Mobile SoundCloud as an example. e2a5c18
Commits on Mar 17, 2011
Jimmy Do Fix incorrect prototype.constructor comment
prototype.constructor does not affect instanceof
Commits on Mar 21, 2011
@jashkenas Upgrading Backbone.js tests to Underscore 1.1.5 d97d8bf
@jashkenas Issue #278. Allow 'extend' to be overrideable+inheritable. d149451
@jashkenas Upgrade tests to Zepto 0.5 c9a6349
@jashkenas Merge branch 'fix-comment' of da52ae1
Commits on Mar 22, 2011
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Make it possible to take advantage of jQuery.Deferred with Backbone, …
…without breaking compatibility by changing return values.

Implemented by adding a "promise" attribute to Backbone.Model and Backbone.Collection, set by Backbone.Model's "fetch", "save", "destroy" and Backbone.Collectin's "fetch" and "create".
@PaulUithol PaulUithol A somewhat smarter approach (more DRY). 8f80fb1
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding MetaLab's Flow to the examples. fd35fcb
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Even simpler; merely expose the (jq)XHR object, enabling the use of j…
Commits on Mar 23, 2011
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding Backbone.noConflict() and keeping track of the original root.B…
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding Flow to sidebar under Examples. 35ba4a9
@samuelclay samuelclay Merge branch 'gh-pages'
@samuelclay samuelclay Documenting the new Backbone.noConflict() method. f4cfbd6
Commits on Apr 11, 2011
@shiftb shiftb change hashStrip regex to strip bang as well, so hash-bang urls will …
…work transparently
@shiftb shiftb rebuild to include previous change 914ff9d
Commits on Apr 15, 2011
@ncr ncr Add failing test for #319 223c4fb
@ncr ncr Check for model before accessing its properties, fixes #319 1499d75
@dvv dvv ender.js support 94edc63
Commits on Apr 18, 2011
@jashkenas Upgrading to Underscore 1.1.6 for test deps. 7b494c1
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 12661ff
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 5f3135f
@jashkenas merging in Ender.js support 4070364
@jashkenas Merge branch 'fix_custom_events_on_models_inside_collections' of http… 76b3ed1
@jashkenas removing backbone-min from master ... it'll only live on the gh-pages…
… branch now.
@jashkenas clarifying that jQuery or Zepto is required for History support (for …
…the moment)
@jashkenas Issue #309, more sophisticated event handling, for unbinding events i…
…n the midst of them firing.
@jashkenas Issue #289. Enable the use of jQuery.Deferred by returning Deferred o…
…bjects from save() and fetch() calls.
Commits on Apr 19, 2011
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Merge remote branch 'remotes/upstream/master'
Commits on Apr 21, 2011
@ptn ptn Pass the error and success callbacks when creating the model to add t…
…o a Collection
@ptn ptn Add a failing test for Collection.create not running callbacks 0f118ec
Commits on Apr 22, 2011
@samuelclay samuelclay Removing Ender.js support for the time being, as it needs to fix its …
…AJAX methods to corrospond with jQuery/Zepto success/error signatures.
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding XHR object to Model.parse and Collection.parse method signatur…
…es. jQuery and Zepto use the same callback signature: response, status, xhr.
@samuelclay samuelclay _ to status in Model.parse. No need to clobber Underscore.js just to …
…ignore a parameter.
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding XHR object to Collection.create (which comes from 577758a
@samuelclay samuelclay Merge 0cc8cb0
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding test for hashbang URLs. For pull request #312. ee215be
Commits on Apr 25, 2011
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding in a note about passing in an object literal or a model to Col…
…lection.create. Thanks to MattJ for the recommendation.
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding in a note about Backbone.history.start() returning a boolean f…
…or whether or not a match has been found in the current URL fragment. Thanks to XiXora for the recommendation.
@samuelclay samuelclay Adding a note about using Collection.create on a model that has been …
…saved server-side.
@jashkenas clarifying wording 58708b3
Commits on Apr 26, 2011
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Merge branch 'master' of git:// 9b40c7a
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Factor out model preparation to a separate function in Backbone.Colle…
…ction, so 'create' and 'add' behave the same.
Commits on Apr 27, 2011
@damienholzapfel damienholzapfel Reference calls variable in list variable definition in Backbone.Even…
Commits on Apr 28, 2011
@jashkenas Adding CloudApp to the list of examples. c9bf20e
@jashkenas resolving merge db68321
@jashkenas Adding the bittorrent example app. bbce120
@jashkenas Merge branch 'gh-pages' 7489bf0
@jashkenas expanding the FAQ for MVC with a direct Rails comparison. bbf28b8
@jashkenas Merge branch 'gh-pages' d8edb5d
Commits on May 01, 2011
@jashkenas Merge pull request #267 from jasondavies/master.
Don't set content type header for GET requests
Commits on May 05, 2011
@corbanbrook corbanbrook Pass options to the coll.add call in Collection::create so that it ca…
…n work silently.
Commits on May 08, 2011
@reconbot reconbot Following recommendations from the OWASP 82c288c
Commits on May 23, 2011
@jashkenas fixing tests for IE / Webkit ... regex, not string match. a5d01f9
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of a251810
@jashkenas Issue #228 ... IE7 hash should look correct after initial load. 489ebb7
Commits on May 24, 2011
@jashkenas Issue #366, support for namespaced events. e8476af
Commits on May 26, 2011
@jashkenas initial draft of a 0.5.0 branch cf32151
@jashkenas fix the zepto test suite. 300c7f0
@jashkenas remove an extraneous this.options 636e7b0
@jashkenas Adding Backbone.Router.setLocation, alongside saveLocation, to both s…
…ave and route at once.
@jashkenas Backbone.Router formatting, tweaks. e9b38de
@jashkenas fixing IE support for 0.5.0 f742bbe
@jashkenas normalizing for the Safari window.location bug. e56346c
@jashkenas Controller -> Router in the docs, and adding docco for setLocation(). 46fbd4c
@jashkenas mention that Backbone require's jQuery > 1.4.2, if using jQuery. Issue 9a1deb6
@jashkenas Issue #365. delete options.comparator. 2b1eae4
@jashkenas documenting that fetch options can also be jquery options. 9503627
@jashkenas Issue #359 -- removing duplicate model.escape documentation. 78212c2
@jashkenas fixing refresh -> reset documentation. 2f04473
@jashkenas add a warning about pass by reference. Issue #356 d8d94f1
@jashkenas document collection.reset() with no args. 5f7b01d
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of into 0.5.0 082cb28
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of into…
… 0.5.0
@jashkenas Merge branch 'patch-1' of
…into 0.5.0
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Merge remote branch 'remotes/upstream/master' 6b229ff
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Updated to apply on the 0.5.0 branch d7e3d5b
@PaulUithol PaulUithol Merge branch '0.5.0'
@jashkenas merging in #336. fb8da91
Commits on May 27, 2011
@jashkenas Issue #250 -- duplicated QUnit. ed63632
@jashkenas Issue #246 -- never fire nested change events for the same model. The…
… top-level one will do.
@jashkenas better document that hasChanged, previous, etc are only valid during …
…a change event. Issue #240
@jashkenas partial issue #239, always pass options to error callbacks / events. 87a81e4
@jashkenas Merging in #232. Allow destroy() to be called on non-persisted object…
…s ... just in case.
@jashkenas Adding the Unofficial google group to the documentation. 93c82aa
@jashkenas ouch, leaking global attrs. (shakes fist) ff57b65
@jashkenas adding headers for all Backbone.js example apps d568305
@jashkenas Adding Chop as a Backbone example. 2620c6a
Commits on Jun 04, 2011
@lorensr lorensr clarified example; fixed typo b28bb50
Commits on Jun 14, 2011
Niall Smart Collection.add should fail if duplicate id/cid exists 0853866
@jashkenas Adding Chop, Fluxiom, And Menagerie Vet 4057591
@jashkenas merged in gh-pages 9bdbdd8
@jashkenas adding quoteroller 6ca2dc6
@jashkenas Merge branch 'gh-pages' 32deec5
Commits on Jun 15, 2011
@arturadib arturadib Minor doc typo 3e4f628
Commits on Jun 16, 2011
@samuelclay samuelclay Merge pull request #422 from arturadib/master
Minor doc typo
Commits on Jun 17, 2011
Francis Gulotta Test complex query strings. Fails in some browsers. 621c9ed
Commits on Jun 18, 2011
@lorensr lorensr removed unused var 245acb0
@lorensr lorensr expanded example 2ed2af6
Commits on Jun 20, 2011
@jashkenas Adding as an example. 61c4874
@jashkenas Merge branch 'gh-pages' d2a7309
@jroes jroes Minor doc typos 16eb3f3
@samuelclay samuelclay Merge pull request #432 from jroes/master
Couple of doc typo fixes
Commits on Jun 21, 2011
@threepointone threepointone Allow initialize on any class to pass on original arguments. 3eb075a
Commits on Jun 23, 2011
Gavin Huang Fix unit test for model.isNew() 573c347
Gavin Huang Model is no longer considered to be new if its id is a falsey value 4e9037b
Commits on Jun 30, 2011
@jashkenas Merge pull request #438 from gravof/master
Model is no longer considered to be new if its id is a falsey value
@jashkenas fixing comment. fa6092b
@jashkenas Merge pull request #435 from threepointone/patch-1
Allow initialize on any class to pass on original arguments.
@jashkenas Merge pull request #430 from reconbot/master
Add complex query string router test
@jashkenas removing complex router text (unfixable) ba1d9a1
@jashkenas #426, better error message when events are missing. 77caaed
@jashkenas Issue #417. Word choice for the literal minded. cc46300
@jashkenas Merge pull request #414 from niallsmart/master
Fix for issue #413 - collection.add should fail for duplicates
Commits on Jul 01, 2011
@jashkenas Merge pull request #395 from lorensr/master
Clarified/expanded examples; fixed typos.
@jashkenas restoring some examples. e67422a
@jashkenas slightly saner validation on initialize. ddf1a83
@jashkenas almost to 0.5.0... af674c9
@jashkenas link to association extensions. 8f07f96
@jashkenas replacing setLocation and saveLocation with navigate, after Spine's API. 2e1f85d
@jashkenas tweaking transparent URL upgrades. 0798d97