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Commits on Jan 30, 2012
@tomasztunik tomasztunik Removed multiple definitions for already defined variable 73858ec
@jashkenas Adding a note about the need to upgrade Underscore.js 12a6fa4
@jashkenas Merge pull request #903 from tomasztunik/master
Removed duplicated variable definitions
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
@tomasztunik tomasztunik Fixes issue #904 bb1a7d7
Joss Crowcroft Return `this` from View.setElement 4ad12bc
@braddunbar braddunbar fixes #907 - `save` with `wait` succeeds without `validate` db95e2c
@jashkenas added a few missing things to the change log 6ffd392
@braddunbar braddunbar ensure `options` is present 7a48639
@jashkenas Merge pull request #911 from braddunbar/validate
fixes #907 - `save` with `wait` succeeds without `validate`
@jashkenas Merge pull request #909 from josscrowcroft/master
Return `this` from View.setElement()
@twobitfool twobitfool inject js library with `Backbone.use(myLib)` 701350a
@jsanders jsanders Change from Backbone.use to Backbone.setjQuery and fix tests 9bd086e
Commits on Feb 01, 2012
@jsanders jsanders Change name to setDomLibrary e97c58f
@braddunbar braddunbar use `$` as DOM abstraction library 9bdaa62
@braddunbar braddunbar refactor `_changed` to prevent confusion c860070
@braddunbar braddunbar passing falsey keys to `hasChanged` or `previous` bc79fea
@jashkenas Merge pull request #925 from braddunbar/falsey-haschanged
Passing Falsey Keys to `hasChanged` or `previous`
Commits on Feb 02, 2012
@braddunbar braddunbar fixes #928 - Save sends correct attrs.
* Temporarily set model's attrs for `sync`.
* Remove cross-module (global) dependencies in
  Collection, Model, and sync test modules.
@jashkenas Merge pull request #932 from braddunbar/save-wait
fixes #928 - Save sends correct attrs.
@jashkenas adding a link to the wiki of examples 9d65176
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 8da1ff0
@braddunbar braddunbar fixes #915 - nested `'change:attr'` events
* `'change'` does not fire without changes
* nested `'change:attr'` events are fired
* `'change'` is only fired once for nested calls
* nested `'change'` events are fired
@braddunbar braddunbar use a while loop instead of do...while 17d0f12
@jashkenas Merge pull request #936 from braddunbar/nested-change
fixes #915 - nested `'change:attr'` events
@jashkenas Fixes #935. ensuring that sync is triggered on the collection after t…
…he model is removed.
@jashkenas Revert "Fixes #935. ensuring that sync is triggered on the collection…
… after the model is removed."

This reverts commit 0cbcdc9.
@jashkenas Fixes #933, Fixes #908 ad870b2
@jashkenas Merge pull request #920 from braddunbar/$
use `$` as DOM abstraction library
@jashkenas Fixes #917 -- reverts validate() behavior to never run on silent sets. aafbcb0
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 0e709e4
@jashkenas #917, adding an Model#isValid() function. eb47538
@jashkenas Merge pull request #906 from tomasztunik/master
Fixes issue #904
@jashkenas options.silent respected in _prepareModel ... prepping for a 0.9.1 738e25d
@jashkenas DRY-ing up _validate 8a427f3
@jashkenas merging in setDomLibrary 0ffd7ea
@jashkenas comments for setDomLibrary 4337fc3
@jashkenas Backbone.js 0.9.1 655bd05
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