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there's a way (without rewrite the model.destroy() method) to prevent the destroy event bubbles up to collection that contains the model istance?

I want to check the server response(the json content not the HTTP code) on HTTP DELETE response and in some case (for example when the server's response contains 'error_messege' inside the json) do not remove the model from collection.

I know there's success callback inside the model.destroy(), but when it's call, the destroy event was already triggered and bubbles up to collection



jashkenas commented May 25, 2012

How about:

model.destroy({wait: true});


jashkenas closed this May 25, 2012

Sure, i know the behaviour of {wait: true}, but my question is different.
When HTTP DELETE returns, the destroy's success callback is call, but i cant prevent (if for example the server response contains an error message) that the destroy event bubbles up till the collection.

from Backbone.destroy():

options.success = function(resp) {
        if (options.wait) triggerDestroy();
        if (success) {
          success(model, resp);
        } else {
          model.trigger('sync', model, resp, options);

jashkenas commented May 25, 2012

If your server has an error, then return your error message with a non-200 HTTP status code, and the success callback won't be triggered.

So either in destroy() either in create(), all the non-200 http return code invoke error callback instead of success?

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