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Bug: attributes inherited from Object.prototype #1495

paulmillr opened this Issue · 3 comments

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john = new Backbone.Model()

building1 = new Backbone.Model()
building1.set {constructor: john}
building1.has 'constructor'  # => true

building2 = new Backbone.Model()
building2.has 'constructor'  # => true. WTF?

Whole bunch of issues here, model.has("hasOwnProperty") == true as well. Any ideas on a patch other than using hasOwnProperty ?


I'm using Object.create(null) in cases like that, we can check for its support and use this if it's supported. One-line patch:

this.attributes = typeof Object.create === 'function' ? Object.create(null) : {};

A patch that will support old ie is much more sophisticated. _.has(this.attributes, attr) should be placed everywhere etc.


Yep -- not so much a bug as a known limitation. Take care with your attribute keys. Making your proposed patch would cause working code in webkit / firefox to error in internet explorer, a situation we'd like to avoid as much as possible.

@jashkenas jashkenas closed this
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