Time for a new version? 0.10? #1594

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The last stable release was in March. Since then, there have been plenty of commits, some which are backwards incompatible.

Any plans to round up the current pull requests and issue a new version? Seems like things are still enough in flux to avoid calling it 1.0, but that it'd be good to start getting real world use of the newer changes, so maybe 0.10?


@jashkenas Even a RC bump for NPM would be nice. I'm starting to share my Backbone code on with the server, but I was sad to realize today that Collection#add merge: true (among other additions/fixes) isn't available with the NPM version. 6 months seems like quite a while to bump such an active project.


Yep -- it's time.






Any time scale for the 1.0 release? Reason I ask is I'm about to embark (in about a week or so) on a very high scale (and potentially very high profile) application and I would love to be able to utilise the 1.0 release with all new tweaks, fixes and features


When we get a chance to run through some of the open tickets, past changes, and do a round of testing (on DocumentCloud.org, at least). But feel free to use master in the meantime if you like -- it's essentially the same thing.


... starting to go through the open tickets ...

hswolff commented Sep 28, 2012

I wish you luck on this endeavor @jashkenas . Much 🍰 for you. 🤘


Thanks a lot!


Any update on this? I'm dying to use merge for collections. :-)


Got for it. I've been using master in production for quite some time now. :)


Indeed. We're down to < 50 open tickets, but that's still quite a few. Feel free to use master in the meantime.


Status update: About 25 tickets left. One big-ish thing I'd like to do before 0.9.9 is to take another deep think through the current set/change implementation, with an eye toward simplification of the semantics if possible. I've got a start on a simple branch -- any other folks who want to take a stab at it are welcome.


Down to zero tickets briefly, and then back up. Still a few things to do, including polishing listenTo and hopefully simplifying set/change. Closing this ticket in favor of the running changelog over in #1885.

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