Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'update' of undefined #2094

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fil512 commented Jan 9, 2013

Open todos/index.html in chrome (current version), you will get this error. It prevents you from being able to add items to the list.

backbone.js line 812

// Fetch the default set of models for this collection, resetting the
// collection when they arrive. If `update: true` is passed, the response
// data will be passed through the `update` method instead of `reset`.
fetch: function(options) {
  options = options ? _.clone(options) : {};
  if (options.parse === void 0) options.parse = true;
  var success = options.success;
  options.success = function(collection, resp, options) {
    var method = options.update ? 'update' : 'reset';

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'update' of undefined
collection[method](resp, options);
if (success) success(collection, resp, options);
return this.sync('read', this, options);



billwing commented Mar 4, 2013

Hello,I have a mistake with seajs:
TypeError: options is undefined backbone.js line 815
Please how to do it?

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