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nested attributes don't get cloned correctly with Model.toJSON #2373

markbrown4 opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Mark Jeremy Ashkenas Ryan Leckey mansiemans

json = model.toJSON()
console.log json.observation.read_at

/* setting this persists it on the model itself and not the cloned object. */
json.observation.read_at = 'FOOBAR!!'
json = model.toJSON()
console.log json.observation.read_at


Looks like we need a deep clone happening here instead.

Jeremy Ashkenas

Yep. toJSON and _.clone are shallow. That's how it's supposed to work.

Jeremy Ashkenas jashkenas closed this

I can see the discussion here:

So, when you use Backbone you should never have objects with nested attributes?

I was able to get around it with this:
json = jQuery.extend true, {}, model.attributes

Still feels nasty.

Ryan Leckey

So, when you use Backbone you should never have objects with nested attributes?

That's fine to have. But currently it is expected behavior for the serialization done by toJSON to not be deep.

I've suggested somewhere in the pile of issues to switch the implementation to something like what we've added in chaplin: It's faster for common cases and allows modification of the resultant object safely (without changing the model).


Interesting. It sounds like the shallow copy has tripped up a few people.


The expected behavior is unexpected.

meta-level unlocked

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