Re-add Lo-Dash to the docs. #2452

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With Backbone's bump to v1.0.0 Lo-Dash was removed from the docs.

I'm not sure why it was removed since, unlike jQuery and Zepto, Lo-Dash ships with, and tests against, Backbone's unit tests. It also maintains compat builds, even in cdnjs, specifically for compat with Underscore/Backbone.

This also seems to come as a surprise to other Backbone contributors.

`lodash underscore` build

`lodash backbone` build


For reference #1713 that got it included in the docs.


+1 for this. There is no need to remove the lodash, since it puts all the effort into being underscore compatible.


+1 Lo-Dash and Backbone work well together (used both on a large application)


If the removal was done on purpose, it should have provided the reason.


I think that calling out Lo-dash has a place in the documentation, but probably in the FAQ under the heading "Alternate Dependencies."

It seems like that's the a potential outcome in #2431, at least.


Some mention is better than none, though I gotta say I don't dig being lumped in with a "use at your own risk" lib like Zepto, especially when Lo-Dash goes above and beyond even Underscore* in terms of compatibility.

* Underscore v1.4.4 broke compat, with versions of Backbone, in _.bind & edge is doing so with _.bindAll too

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