Regression with routes in IE6 #636

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In Backbone 0.3.3, the Controller routes specs passed.

In Backbone 0.5.3, Router spec 67 fails. (They do pass in IE7 and IE8)


Here's the content of the failing spec:

Backbone.Router: Router: routes (query) (2, 0, 2)

failedExpected:  "mandel" 
Result:  undefined 
Diff:  "mandel" undefined  

failedExpected:  "a=b&c=d" 
Result:  undefined 
Diff:  "a=b&c=d" undefined  
confirmed in IE6

@tbranyen informed me that Backbone.js only supports IE7+...

BUT this isn't clearly documented anywhere, so we need to fix that. tagging this ticket as "documentation"


I'm inclined to let sleeping dogs lie unless we get more complaints -- I think that folks developing JavaScript-heavy web applications and targeting IE6 are very few and far between.

@jashkenas jashkenas closed this Jan 13, 2012

@jashkenas Agreed. The issue was worth noting, but not important enough for me to provide a fix.

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