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twobitfool commented Sep 11, 2011

I ran into an issue where the Backbone views were unable to pick up the javascript library I was using (Zepto), because of the way that browserify changes the scope to support require('backbone') in the browser -- it looks like ender suffers from the same issue. This would also make it easier to test views outside of the browser by injecting a mock jQuery library.


jashkenas commented Sep 14, 2011

This seems like a way to hack around the real problem. Let's try either fixing browserify so that the scope is still correct ... or fixing Backbone so that it can find a browserify'd Zepto.

@jashkenas jashkenas closed this Sep 14, 2011


twobitfool commented Sep 15, 2011

@jashkenas: The browserify issue aside, I think this change would be worthwhile just because it let's people choose their own library. It certainly doesn't seem to add any significant overhead to the codebase, and it offers a little dependency injection, and that almost always results in more flexible and test-friendly software.

Maybe I'm just not seeing a better alternative, but without this change, how would someone unit test their views (without clobbering jQuery in the global namespace)?

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