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Sep 12, 2011
split out Usage section b8d60a9
Nov 05, 2011
Sam Added AMD support. 3564f51
Nov 06, 2011
Sam Adding updated extras/coffee-script.js 8a41ee9
Nov 08, 2011
Jeremy Ashkenas change_log -> changelog cebfe39
Jeremy Ashkenas whoops. 74501f6
Michael Ficarra fixes #1832: speed up `CoffeeScript.eval` in browser script 11544f2
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1839 from michaelficarra/issue1832
fixes #1832: speed up `CoffeeScript.eval` in browser script
Nov 09, 2011
Jo Liss update link 6593022
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1845 from joliss/master
update link
Trevor Burnham "Re-fs.watching files on rename event"
See discussion at #1803, #1846, and at
Trevor Burnham Ensuring that duplication does not occur d30aa6d
Nov 10, 2011
Michael Ficarra forgot to build 11544f2 fbe84e3
Michael Ficarra fixes #1848: line number reported as NaN in interpolation parse errors a296957
Michael Ficarra fixes #1844: bound functions in nested comprehensions
causing empty var statements
Michael Ficarra cleaning up tab calculation in last commit 424bb17
Michael Ficarra tiny cleanup in `/src/` 496978a
Trevor Burnham Ignoring exception thrown when trying to re-watch a file after rename 1ce92d1
Trevor Burnham Merge pull request #1847 from TrevorBurnham/rewatch
Re-fs.watching files on rename event (fixes #1803)
Trevor Burnham Bumping version to 1.1.4-pre 51b25fb
Trevor Burnham Forgot to build on previous commit cc87084
Trevor Burnham Warning when is unavailable, rather than throwing errors 9633816
Nov 11, 2011
Satoshi Murakami nodes: added missing jump-guard in While::makeReturn, fixing #1850 5bf8b42
Nov 13, 2011
Trevor Burnham Adding 'No such option' output to parallel 'No such task' (fixes #1862) 1d7a3b4
Trevor Burnham Using console.error for errors instead of console.log 79945ad
Trevor Burnham Showing task list on error 97dbb7b
Trevor Burnham Prefacing task list with the relative Cakefile path a70753e
Trevor Burnham On second thought, just saying 'run cake' on error rather than listin…
…g all options
Trevor Burnham Just showing the error thrown by OptionParser rather than parsing it 73acfa1
Trevor Burnham Merge pull request #1866 from TrevorBurnham/issue1862
Interface enhancements for cake (#1862)
Trevor Burnham Merging pull req #1826 fe78e65
Nov 14, 2011
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1851 from michaelficarra/issue1844
fixes #1844: bound functions in nested comprehensions causing empty var statements
Michael Ficarra 1e25c9d#commitcomment-719177 d0b8cde
Gerald Lewis fixes #1840: invocations followed by prototype property access now co…
…rrectly compile
Gerald Lewis rebuilt jison parser for 1840 bde1c62
Gerald Lewis tests for 1840 fba69f5
Gerald Lewis Merge branch '1840' into 1840_invocation_prototype_prop_access 8762e37
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1868 from geraldalewis/1840_invocation_prototype_…

#1840 Invocation Prototype Prop Access
Nov 18, 2011
Michael Ficarra I'd rather have a long line than an orphan. 30614c5
Nov 23, 2011
Jo Liss Use "index" for index variable in for loop
This confused me every time I Ctrl+F'ed the home page for "index" and only got
this cryptic statement:

"Comprehensions replace (and compile into) for loops, with optional guard clauses
and the value of the current array index."

Now I can see how the index is used in the code.
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1887 from joliss/index-doc
Use "index" for index variable in for loop
Jo Liss Document fat arrow in class definitions.
This pleasently surprised but also confused me when it worked. Now it's
documented. No example (yet), alas, but better than nothing.

Originally added in/around 07e66dd.
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1888 from joliss/fat-arrow-doc
Document fat arrow in class definitions.
Nov 24, 2011
Jeremy Ashkenas Revert "Closes #1001. Throw cannot be directly used as an expression …
…with parens, but can appear as a statement in an expression."

This reverts commit 96b22a1.
Jeremy Ashkenas Reverting conclusion of #1001 -- Throw should be able to be used as p…
…art of an expression.
Jeremy Ashkenas adding a test case for throw-as-an-expression. e9e5ae1
Jeremy Ashkenas amending the previous test 7d22a01
Nov 25, 2011
Marijn Haverbeke Stop treating `debugger` statements as jumps
Since in most debuggers you can continue past them.

No tests added, since I wasn't sure how to test code with `debugger`
in it.
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug in lexer's reserved word error message 26d5c99
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1892 from marijnh/master
Two tiny fixes
Jeremy Ashkenas making debugger an expression. 35dc56d
Jeremy Ashkenas huh. b122406
Dec 04, 2011
Michael Ficarra fixes #1911: remove spacing around initial skipped comments/JS 0ce332e
Dec 06, 2011
Dustin Diaz jison 0.2.11 requires node v0.4 - v0.5, which in turns makes coffee-s…
…cript incompatible with node v0.6
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1916 from ded/patch-1
jison 0.2.11 requires node v0.4 - v0.5
Dec 07, 2011
Michael Ficarra more correct jison requirement 69d49e1
Michael Ficarra Merge pull request #1697 from showell/doc-usage
split out Usage section
Dec 10, 2011
Michael Ficarra fixes #1924: CoffeeScript.compile shouldn't modify options object 7b4f1b1
Michael Ficarra removed excessive spacing 63ab886
Michael Ficarra fixes #1858: top-level returns should force safety wrapper f0728fc
Michael Ficarra fixed #1858 for real now 621e564
Dec 11, 2011
Michael Ficarra Merge pull request #1927 from clutchski/traverse-children
Documentation fix: s/traverse/traverseChildren/
Dec 12, 2011
Matt Perpick Documentation fix: s/traverse/traverseChildren/ 0ad9d4b
Michael Ficarra fixes #1509: compile initial comments/literals outside of safety wrapper 26a28ab
Dec 14, 2011
Jeremy Ashkenas tweaking dev dependencies b12be31
Jeremy Ashkenas reverting 63ab88 c9a0a33
Jeremy Ashkenas fixing extra newline in the prelude 74944da
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1842 85286b8
Jeremy Ashkenas Adding a more comprehensive test case for the previous commit. b50315d
Jeremy Ashkenas style eb55f2d
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1922 00f9e24
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1876 b0948f8
Jeremy Ashkenas cleaning up super assignment. ddfe89d
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1861 fac6151
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1838 686ef9e
Dec 15, 2011
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixing crappy JS AMD code. ad39150
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1903 af0ee70
Jeremy Ashkenas refactoring rewriter to make the methods read consistently. 4b70a16
Jeremy Ashkenas removing the closure-wrapping-removal optimization, because it was in…
…correctly formatting the code it optimized.
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1871, allows single-line implicit ends to close implicit objects. 510fb59
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1813 121009d
Michael Ficarra reverting to 26a28ab behaviour
This is only slightly problematic for the most pathological of cases
where a prelude is followed by a set of statements, none of which
generate top-level variables or attempt to return. In these cases, the
non-prelude statements will be indented. See related discussion at
Dec 18, 2011
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1853 -- trouble. 5bca978
Jeremy Ashkenas style fixes to ee8a1a3
Jeremy Ashkenas Correcting and cleaning up --join ... now it works in conjunction wit…
…h --watch
Jeremy Ashkenas Revert "reverting to 26a28ab behaviour"
This reverts commit 38b6a43.
Jeremy Ashkenas reverting the closure wrapper removal again. 0069c49
Jeremy Ashkenas More work on watching / joining ... Fixes #1941, fixes #365. Watched …
…files may now be added and removed, including with --join
Jeremy Ashkenas Got --watch with directory watching and addition / removal of inner s…
…ubdirectories working...
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1859 -- postfix if preceding an unparenthesized single-line fu…
…nction body
Jeremy Ashkenas Fixes #1771: Fixing the indexOf shim. 846306f
Jeremy Ashkenas prepping for 1.2.0 0e40feb
Jeremy Ashkenas tweaking documentation cda95af
Trevor Burnham Preventing fs.stat from throwing ENOENT errors ed1ddbc
Trevor Burnham Handling all ENOENTs potentially thrown by (hopefully) 9fde794
Trevor Burnham Limiting watched file compilation to once every 25ms dfc6021
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge pull request #1944 from TrevorBurnham/issue1941
Misc fixes for --watch
Trevor Burnham Removing remaining ENOENT throws 988dedd
Jeremy Ashkenas Merge branch 'issue1941' of git:// 55e794d
Jeremy Ashkenas pushing this waypoint... 4b0fabd
Trevor Burnham Avoiding duplicate compileJoins on directory deletion edd0b66
Trevor Burnham More ENOENT-catching 07ccd91
Trevor Burnham Preventing compileJoins when directory events do not affect source files d3cc05b
Trevor Burnham Fixing bug that was causing file deletes to be ignored, debouncing co…
Trevor Burnham Fixing bug that was causing directory deletes to be ignored 55998f7
Jeremy Ashkenas merged c75c442
Jeremy Ashkenas style in command watch 36c171d
Jeremy Ashkenas CoffeeScript 1.2.0 9abe614