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# This **Browser** compatibility layer extends core CoffeeScript functions
# to make things work smoothly when compiling code directly in the browser.
# We add support for loading remote Coffee scripts via **XHR**, and
# `text/coffeescript` script tags, source maps via data-URLs, and so on.
CoffeeScript = require './coffee-script'
CoffeeScript.require = require
compile = CoffeeScript.compile
# Use standard JavaScript `eval` to eval code.
CoffeeScript.eval = (code, options = {}) ->
options.bare ?= on
eval compile code, options
# Running code does not provide access to this scope. = (code, options = {}) ->
options.bare = on
options.shiftLine = on
Function(compile code, options)()
# If we're not in a browser environment, we're finished with the public API.
return unless window?
# Include source maps where possible. If we've got a base64 encoder, a
# JSON serializer, and tools for escaping unicode characters, we're good to go.
# Ported from
if btoa? and JSON?
compile = (code, options = {}) ->
options.inlineMap = true
CoffeeScript.compile code, options
# Load a remote script from the current domain via XHR.
CoffeeScript.load = (url, callback, options = {}, hold = false) ->
options.sourceFiles = [url]
xhr = if window.ActiveXObject
new window.ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP')
new window.XMLHttpRequest() 'GET', url, true
xhr.overrideMimeType 'text/plain' if 'overrideMimeType' of xhr
xhr.onreadystatechange = ->
if xhr.readyState is 4
if xhr.status in [0, 200]
param = [xhr.responseText, options] param... unless hold
throw new Error "Could not load #{url}"
callback param if callback
xhr.send null
# Activate CoffeeScript in the browser by having it compile and evaluate
# all script tags with a content-type of `text/coffeescript`.
# This happens on page load.
runScripts = ->
scripts = window.document.getElementsByTagName 'script'
coffeetypes = ['text/coffeescript', 'text/literate-coffeescript']
coffees = (s for s in scripts when s.type in coffeetypes)
index = 0
execute = ->
param = coffees[index]
if param instanceof Array param...
for script, i in coffees
do (script, i) ->
options = literate: script.type is coffeetypes[1]
source = script.src or script.getAttribute('data-src')
if source
CoffeeScript.load source,
(param) ->
coffees[i] = param
options.sourceFiles = ['embedded']
coffees[i] = [script.innerHTML, options]
# Listen for window load, both in decent browsers and in IE.
if window.addEventListener
window.addEventListener 'DOMContentLoaded', runScripts, no
window.attachEvent 'onload', runScripts
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