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Issue #1547 'use strict' delete operands restricted

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1 parent 7521068 commit f43ec97e303bbc3189ce049bbff20e454f7ea31b @geraldalewis geraldalewis committed Jan 9, 2012
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@@ -1467,6 +1467,10 @@ exports.Op = class Op extends Base
# In chains, there's no need to wrap bare obj literals in parens,
# as the chained expression is wrapped.
@first.front = @front unless isChain
+ if @operator is 'delete' and o.scope.check(@first.unwrapAll().value)
+ throw SyntaxError 'delete operand may not be argument or var'
+ if @operator in ['--', '++'] and @first.unwrapAll().value in STRICT_PROSCRIBED
+ throw SyntaxError 'prefix increment/decrement may not have eval or arguments operand'
return @compileUnary o if @isUnary()
return @compileChain o if isChain
return @compileExistence o if @operator is '?'

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