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Commits on Jul 05, 2011
@timbertson timbertson Moved src/*.coffee under src/coffee-script/ so that lib can be added …
…to $NODE_PATH and only expose the top-level coffee-script namespace. Fixes #1246
Commits on Aug 04, 2011
@geraldalewis geraldalewis fixes issue #1464 ... bound class methods now keep context 638dbbe
@geraldalewis geraldalewis test for #1464 ... bound class methods now keep context 0e0d625
Commits on Aug 05, 2011
Mike Blume eliminate unnecessary assignment
there's no need to assign this entire if statement to condpart
when condpart is assigned at every endpoint
Mike Blume fix another long ternary in the lib 15fed8d
@jashkenas Adding books + screencasts to the homepage 8a4ec8f
@jashkenas bumping version to 1.1.3-pre for Trevor's sake ;) 48f3c70
@sstephenson sstephenson Add uglify-js and jison as development dependencies d665c3a
@jashkenas rebuilding the browser js with a new Jison-generated parser. 0ed9be4
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1576 from sstephenson/dev-dependencies
Add uglify-js and jison as development dependencies
@jashkenas Jison goes to 11 a03f2fe
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1573 from geraldalewis/1464_bound_static_methods
1464 bound static methods
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1571 from MichaelBlume/fix-ternary
shorten one of the ternaries
@michaelficarra michaelficarra Merge branch 'restructure' of
…into restructuring

@michaelficarra michaelficarra moved `src/coffee-script/*.coffee` to `src` as per discussion in #1246 c2a43f7
Commits on Aug 06, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra removed some unnecessary assignment; related: #1491 718b73a
@michaelficarra michaelficarra avoiding `require.paths` poison pill from newer node releases in
Commits on Aug 07, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1009: classes with reserved words as determined names be46855
@michaelficarra michaelficarra output formatting cleanup; fixes #1254: improve `when` compilation; also
causes single-line, single-statement conditional bodies to sit next to
their conditions
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1100: precedence in or-test compilation of `in` 6608a7a
@michaelficarra michaelficarra cleaned up block comment output; fixes #1186 35a30fb
@michaelficarra michaelficarra allowing classes to extend expressions; fixes #1482 7cf5988
Commits on Aug 08, 2011
@jashkenas removing errant line from changelog ab326ae
@jashkenas Merge branch 'gh-pages' c9a5135
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of f6d3953
@michaelficarra michaelficarra breaking long lines created by 803a7d0 a5ba0c2
@michaelficarra michaelficarra conditional compilation update as per discussion in 5a9cf57
@michaelficarra michaelficarra Merge branch 'restructuring' of 8182163
@michaelficarra michaelficarra repl: allowing tab completion of an empty line and masking `__X`
reserved helpers from tab completion; fixes #1583
Commits on Aug 09, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra README: corrected compilation instruction; added execution instruction 064f2b5
Mike Blume fix path to grammar file 333daf3
Mike Blume fix the output path too 8c5027a
@michaelficarra michaelficarra Merge pull request #1584 from MichaelBlume/grammar_path
fix path to grammar file
Commits on Aug 11, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #580 by `delete`ing the compiler from `require.cache` and `requ…
…ire`ing it again
@geraldalewis geraldalewis fixes #1234 ... :: now creates an intermediary "prototype" Access nod…
…e before any additional property accesses
@geraldalewis geraldalewis test for #1234 ab0b36a
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1005: invalid identifiers allowed on LHS of destructuring
@michaelficarra michaelficarra finishing up fix for #1009: class @do; it's a little bit ugly, but it
makes sense to do it this way
@michaelficarra michaelficarra minor enhancements to tests for #1005 fa2fbf0
Commits on Aug 12, 2011
@geraldalewis geraldalewis revised patch for #1234; consolidated Value#push and Value#concat int…
…o Value#add; removed unnecessary INDEX_PROTO
@geraldalewis geraldalewis revised tests for #1234 thanks to @michaelficarra 197d07c
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1590 from geraldalewis/proto_access
#1234 Protoype Access in :: Operator
@aseemk aseemk Ensure test failures get fully outputted.
Node's console.log() is non-blocking, so I was seeing test failure output get
cut off since it was happening on process exit. No more!
@aseemk aseemk Add test for static `super` calls.
Tests jashkenas/coffeescript#1598. Fails currently as expected.
Commits on Aug 14, 2011
@jashkenas clarifying Cake on the homepage. 4710e74
@jashkenas Merge branch 'super' of 306d848
@jashkenas Revert "Ensure test failures get fully outputted."
This reverts commit 41b8b32.
@jashkenas Issue #1598 -- enabling super() calls in static functions in class bo…
@jashkenas Issue #1595, reusing a variable in a catch leads to missing declaration. 9a026e5
@jashkenas Adding a test for #1595 8c31f2e
@jashkenas #1568, new super in a function body. 7e4d619
Commits on Aug 15, 2011
@geraldalewis geraldalewis fixes #1513 -- top level bare obj literals now wrapped in parens for …
…unary and exists operations
@geraldalewis geraldalewis tests for #1513 f3253f4
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1605 from geraldalewis/1513_obj_front_ops
#1513 Top level bare obj literals with unary and exist ops
Commits on Aug 16, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra (probably) expressing Jeremy's intentions
edited via Github, so no changes to /lib/coffee-script.js
@michaelficarra michaelficarra reverting stylistic change from parent commit 3ef0c1c
Commits on Aug 22, 2011
@johnyanarella johnyanarella Resolved an issue that could occur while compiling with the --join op…
…tion which would cause the compiler to silently fail with no resulting output file.

While recursively traversing a source directory, if a directory was encountered containing either no .coffee files (ex. an .svn metadata directory) or where the last file processed in that directory was not a .coffee file, compileJoin() might never be called.

This issue was originally introduced by a (well-needed) optimization in commit dc272a6.

In join mode, anytime the 'unprocessed' count is decremented, the remaining file count should be evaluated to determine if it is time to run compileJoin().  Previously, compileJoin() would only ever be called in one of the four possible terminating branches of this recursive asynchronous operation.
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1624 from johnyanarella/master
--join fails silently with no resulting output file
Commits on Aug 26, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1630: `in` should check indices of the right operand when it can
pass a `hasOwnProperty` check for them
Commits on Aug 27, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra compiled src/ 539b872
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1633: error output when using `coffee -e` b4e2240
Commits on Aug 30, 2011
@mineo mineo alert(html) in the heredoc example a442547
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1636 from mineo/patch-1
alert(html) in the heredoc example
@geraldalewis geraldalewis fixes #1591: splatted expressions in destructuring assignment must be…
… assignable
@geraldalewis geraldalewis tests for #1591: splatted expressions in destructuring assignment mus…
…t be assignable
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1641 from geraldalewis/1591_splats_in_destructuring
1591 Splatted Expressions in Destructuring Assignment Must Be Assignable
Commits on Aug 31, 2011
@dget dget Adding a link to the change log to the current version, to make it ea…
…sier to see what's changed.
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1647 from dget/patch-1
Adding a link to the change log to the current version on the webpage
Commits on Sep 01, 2011
@geraldalewis geraldalewis fixes #1643: splatted accesses in destructuring assignments no longer…
… create obj.key var declarations
@geraldalewis geraldalewis tests for #1643: splatted accesses in destructuring assignments no lo…
…nger create obj.key var declarations
Commits on Sep 04, 2011
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Blacklisting certain globals from REPL rather than whitelisting (fixes 7ba52ae
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Reloading globals after every REPL command (actually fixes #1654) efd503f
@michaelficarra michaelficarra Another attempt to fix #1580... still haven't come up with a good way to
test it, though. Hopefully the third time is... the one that works.
@geraldalewis geraldalewis fixes #1195: lex out semicolons before newlines and at end of program 76b6a17
@geraldalewis geraldalewis tests for #1195: lex out semicolons before newlines and at end of pro…
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Taking an axe to the sandbox (see discussion at #1661) cce9ac2
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Bumping node dependency to 0.4.0 (see discussion at #1661) d5aad39
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Restoring the ability to CoffeeScript.eval code in a sandbox e8b3e2f
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Bumping node dependency from 0.2.5 to 0.4.0 6d68b1f
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Allowing eval with a sandbox, but defaulting to global context 067cd4b
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Adding tests for CoffeeScript.eval 1cc85aa
Commits on Sep 05, 2011
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1663 from TrevorBurnham/node_version
Bump node dependency from 0.2.5 to 0.4.0
Commits on Sep 06, 2011
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1662 from geraldalewis/1195_trailing_semicolons
#1195 Ignore trailing semicolons
@satyr satyr fixed #1102; lexer: cleaned up `unfinished` 2ea51b0
Commits on Sep 07, 2011
@satyr satyr closes #1669; loop results are now collected in the same way as auto-…
…`return`s are generated
Commits on Sep 08, 2011
@codelahoma codelahoma clarify --watch option in "coffee -h" output ed4f704
@codelahoma codelahoma change phrasing of watch help text 2df9204
@codelahoma codelahoma change phrasing of watch help text d7f9054
@codelahoma codelahoma change phrasing of watch help text 9db814f
Commits on Sep 09, 2011
@codelahoma codelahoma build to update lib c44b80b
@codelahoma codelahoma tiny edit d6ec5e4
@geraldalewis geraldalewis #1643: Add unwrap method to Splat 6622f01
@geraldalewis geraldalewis #1643: Clean up Assign#compile and Assign#compilePatternMatch 6d0ba4b
@geraldalewis geraldalewis #1643: Tag subpatterns in Assign#compilePatternMatch to prevent appen…
…ding reference to RHS
@geraldalewis geraldalewis #1643: Updated tests 7d4e693
@geraldalewis geraldalewis #1643: Remove superfluous assignable check from destructured Splats f0e276c
@geraldalewis geraldalewis #1643: compiled JS 447c363
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1666 from geraldalewis/1643_splatted_access
#1643 splatted access
Commits on Sep 10, 2011
@geraldalewis geraldalewis #1643: Bugfix in heredoc in test for 1643 34f99c4
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Merge pull request #1673 from codelahoma/watch-help
clarify --watch option in "coffee -h" output
@michaelficarra michaelficarra Merge branch '1643_splatted_access' of… 46b7a2d
@jashkenas Edited src/ via GitHub 0b57b31
Commits on Sep 11, 2011
@fortes fortes Check parent directories for Cakefiles. Closes #1686 6278930
@willbailey willbailey [docs] examples of using guards and indices in array comprehensions 98cc7eb
Commits on Sep 12, 2011
@fortes fortes Remove extra call to path.exists when finding Cakefile 6c98480
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1691 from willbailey/master
I didn't see an example of how to do this and thought it might be helpful for others.
@michaelficarra michaelficarra sorting options in `coffee --help` 2d6cda7
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1687 from fortes/1686_cakefile_parent_dirs
Check parent directories for Cakefiles
@jashkenas style tweaks for #1687 c1f9ae8
@jashkenas Issue #1682, futher refinements to command-line help. 85342f1
@jashkenas Issue #1687. Keeping a reference to __originalDirname in Cake tasks, …
…after Node's __dirname
Commits on Sep 16, 2011
@satyr satyr fixed #1299: overhauled token pairings d03d288
Commits on Sep 17, 2011
@satyr satyr rewriter: followed up d03d288 3cdee74
Commits on Sep 18, 2011
@jashkenas Unified error handling in the lexer. 19f77cf
@jashkenas Issue #1703, - --x 4419f7c
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1699 94a9551
@jeremybanks jeremybanks Adds [Link] button to Try CoffeeScript interface. 80f9a20
@jashkenas big whitespace / readability change. join top level block with extra …
…newlines, and class definitions as well.
@jashkenas removing the extra newline that block comments take 37705e7
@jashkenas experimental change -- comments wanted. writing out helper functions …
…and assignments as a single line, to minimize clutter.
Commits on Sep 19, 2011
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 6da7016
@jeremybanks jeremybanks Pulled Try CoffeeScript fragment prefix into a variable, other minor …
@jeremybanks jeremybanks Moving [Link] button's inline style to stylesheet. de0122d
@michaelficarra michaelficarra too many newlines after errors in the REPL a2c593b
Commits on Sep 21, 2011
@jashkenas Issue #1714 ... broken 'in' after raw range 'for' 54110c9
@jashkenas Merge branch 'master' of 4c0b237
@jashkenas merging in the try coffeescript linking patch from Jeremy Banks, and …
…regen-ing source. The newline patch makes a *huge* difference on the documentation page.
@jashkenas Fixes #1714 3d91b10
@jeremybanks jeremybanks Upgrade jQuery in documentation from 1.4.2 to 1.6.4. dd82b15
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1719 from jeremybanks/master
Upgrade jQuery in documentation from v1.4.2 to v1.6.4
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1722: operator precedence in unbounded slice compilation 3b5c889
Commits on Sep 22, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1723: operator precedence in unbounded splice compilation 08762a1
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1724: regular expressions beginning with `*`
also normalised capitalisation in a few error messages
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1724 for heregexen
TODO: DRY up that regex handling code so we don't have a duplicate test/error
Commits on Sep 26, 2011
@jashkenas Adopting coco-style efficient bound functions for the common case ...…
… but not for class/prototypes.
Commits on Oct 03, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra `unless` is useful outside of single-line statements 1627922
@michaelficarra michaelficarra empty regular expressions with flags still need to be compiled to /(?:)/ 9fef66f
@michaelficarra michaelficarra quick fix to part of new issue in #1099:
`not in []` unconditionally compiled to `false`
Commits on Oct 06, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1752: passing POSIX-style arguments to scripts through the CLI e686e3f
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1754: support filenames starting with `-` by using `--` arg 054fe34
@disnet disnet adding flag to surpress color in cake output 2f38ed5
Commits on Oct 07, 2011
@disnet disnet using NODE_DISABLE_COLORS instead of flag c20a8ff
@disnet disnet removing old changes 0ded5b3
Commits on Oct 10, 2011
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1757 from disnet/nocolor
Add flag to surpress color in cake output
Commits on Oct 17, 2011
@michaelficarra michaelficarra fixes #1774: generate safety wrapper only when necessary. awesome. d359764
Commits on Oct 21, 2011
@revence27 revence27 Binary notation integers (0b100 as 4). 264f881
@revence27 revence27 One test; viz., for binary literal. 938abae
@revence27 revence27 Neater numberToken function. 350e506
@revence27 revence27 Unindent. :-o bf8062c
Commits on Oct 22, 2011
@revence27 revence27 Cleaner style. 620d8ce
Commits on Oct 24, 2011
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Merging current master 6bec372
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Merge pull request #1661 from TrevorBurnham/master
Allow user-added globals on the REPL (fixes #1654)
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Whoops, mergefail; corrected 3f4daaf
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1787 from revence27/binary
Binary notation integers (0b100 as 4).
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Using console.log and console.error in (fixes #1798) 41f2d2f
@jashkenas rebuilding lexer.js 64bd4b3
@jashkenas Merge branch 'console_io' of git://…
@jashkenas Revert "Merge branch 'console_io' of git://…

This reverts commit 2cb42b5, reversing
changes made to 64bd4b3.
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
@TrevorBurnham TrevorBurnham Using process.stderr in (fixes #1798) c77f773
@jashkenas Merge pull request #1807 from TrevorBurnham/console_io
fixes #1798: using process.stderr in
Commits on Nov 05, 2011
@jashkenas removing process.ARGV from, as it is gone in 0.6.0 f004346
@michaelficarra michaelficarra compiling @jashkenas' last commit: f004346 11f048c
@michaelficarra michaelficarra nodejs/node-v0.x-archive#1914: REPL no longer hides `undefined` results 1c86aee
@michaelficarra michaelficarra cake test: count number of complete tests that pass, not assertions 683b3af
@michaelficarra michaelficarra cake test: change `eq` to use egal semantics, paralleling `arrayEq` 5ae4e06
Commits on Nov 08, 2011
@jashkenas removing another process.binding() private snafu 426f51d
@jashkenas fixing relative path to jsl.conf 78491b3
@jashkenas Fixes #1803 -- use instead of fs.watchFile ... more of a PIT…
…A, but hey.
@jashkenas CoffeeScript 1.1.3 3e41659