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banksJeremy commented Sep 23, 2011

The error message the display for a compile error in Try CoffeeScript isn't very noticeable, and is often cut off because of the lack of room.

This change displays the compile error in red where the compiled source code would be, and dims the "Run" button to indicate that it's disabled.

You can see this running on my gh-pages branch.


michaelficarra commented Sep 23, 2011

Very nice, big +1 from me. Code LGTM as well. One nitpick: why name the variable $results?


banksJeremy commented Sep 23, 2011

In stuff I've been working on recently, the $- prefix is used to indicate variables containing jQuery objects. Should I change it to results?


michaelficarra commented Sep 23, 2011

I don't really care, but it would be more consistent, so probably, yeah.


vendethiel commented Feb 13, 2014

@michaelficarra / @jashkenas That'd be cool to have.


michaelficarra commented Feb 14, 2014

Agreed. If someone wants to rebase this, I'd gladly merge it.


jashkenas commented Feb 14, 2014

Yeah, this looks great. I never liked shoving them up there in the corner in the first place.


xixixao commented Feb 17, 2014

+1 to get rid of the capitalization, try

"wrong" "code"

to see how it messes up the tokens in the error message.

jashkenas closed this Mar 18, 2014

@jashkenas jashkenas added bug fixed change and removed bug labels Mar 18, 2014

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