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Latest commit 34b4311 @lydell lydell Fix broken `CoffeeScript.register()` and commit build
Commit 347a625 is a bit problematic:

- It doesn't include the built .js files.
- It breaks `CoffeeScript.register()`. This can be seen by running the tests;
  four of them fails. The error is that `CoffeeScript.register()` calls
  `CoffeeScript._compileFile()` with the `sourceMap` option enabled, which
  returns an object while the code expected a string.

This commit fixes the broken `CoffeeScript.register()`, by setting the
`sourceMap` option to `false` (but still keeping the `inlineMap` option enabled,
which was the intention of commit 347a625). It also commits the built .js
files. The tests now pass.
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