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CoffeeScript build tools

What should the sorting be for this list? I'm up for alphabetic, though should it arrange by author, or by project name?

  • Koala - Koala is a cross-platform gui application for coffeescript, less and sass compilation,Features: run every platform and compile error notification supports.

  • Brunch - HTML5 application assembler. One of top-CoffeeScript projects on GitHub. Supports a lot of scripting / style languages, templates etc and libnotify / OS X notifications.

  • tdreyno's Middleman — a lightweight framework built on Sinatra that serves lives Haml, Sass and CoffeeScript during development, then compiles, concatenates and minifies them for you when you're ready to deploy.

  • balupton's Buildr - The (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)

  • bevry's DocPad - a language agnostic document management system, which includes built-in support for coffeescript to javascript compilation

  • Coffee Script Project Template - Build system for CoffeeScript projects compiled with Google's Closure Compiler and tested with PhantomJS

  • saucer - Project template using: grunt build system, jasmine test framework, google closure compiler, and various frontend libs (jquery, underscore, backbone, bootstrap).

  • ricardobeat's Flour - adds useful methods for use in Cakefile tasks - compile, minify, lint, watch. Can compile CoffeeScript, LESS, Stylus, minify js and CSS, lint, bundle and watch files and directories.

  • cake-async - adds support for asynchronous tasks in a Cakefile in a simple and unobtrusive way.

  • aergonaut's heroku-buildpack-coffeescript - Heroku buildpack that supports compiling Coffeescript source files into javascript during the slug compilation phase, so you don't have to add compiled files to version control

  • laktek's punch - A web publishing framework will compile any CoffeeScript files to JavaScript along with concatenation and minification.

  • node: hornairs's muffin - a promise based build tool on top of Cake for CoffeeScript projects featuring automatic watching, growl integration, and snockets support.

  • Haml: paulnicholson's coffee-haml-filter — a custom filter for rendering CoffeeScript inline within Haml templates.

  • Java: yeungda's JCoffeeScript — uses Rhino to compile CoffeeScript, allowing compilation within Java projects or on systems that Node.js doesn't support.

  • Java: Web Resource Optimizer for Java [wro4j] ( - uses Rhino for compilation of coffeeScript. Provides a runtime solution (using servlet filter), build time solution (maven plugin) and a CLI (command line interface tool). Latest version of wro4j detect the support of node and uses it as a faster alternative to rhino.

  • Java: talios's coffee-maven-plugin - a Maven plugin that uses Rhino to compile Coffeescript at build time. Allows compressing javascript files with Google Closure.

  • johtso's CoffeeMarklet — a simple tool that allows you to quickly generate bookmarklets from CoffeeScript.

  • .NET: jtmueller's CoffeeScript Monitor - a Windows system tray app that monitors one or more folders for new or changed CoffeeScript files, displaying any compiler errors in a system tray balloon tip.

  • Ruby/JRuby: netzpirat's Guard::CoffeeScript — a Guard for compiling CoffeeScript based on file system modifications (Supports Mac OS X FSEvents, Linux Inotify, Windows Directory Change Notification and polling). Uses an JavaScript runtime available on your system.

  • Scala/Sbt: softprops's CoffeeScripted Sbt — An Sbt plugin for compiling CoffeeScript.

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