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CoffeeScript In The Wild

(Please use only a single line and try keep things in alphanumerical order) :)



Annotateit – Web annotations and higlights

API Axle – Locally hosted, Mashery style API proxy. – API prototyping and debugging

Bonnevoy – Dutch travel search engine (CoffeeScript + Spine)

BusyConf – Conference scheduling app (CoffeeScript + jQuery + Sencha Touch)

CloudApp – Share. Files. Fast. (CoffeeScript + Backbone.js annotated source)

CloudCad – A CAD application in the browser. (CoffeeScript + Three.js)

CircleCi – Hosted Continuous Integration (CoffeeScript + HamlCoffee + Backbone)

CoffeeShop – A CoffeeScript shell with docs and Gist integration.

CyQuiz – Quiz and Game system (CoffeeScript)

Dashku – Dashboard tool (jQuery + underscore + hogan + SocketStream)

EtherCalc – Massively multiplayer online spreadsheet. (CoffeeScript + Zappa.js)

Fetchnotes – Productivity as simple as a tweet.

GAMEPREZ – Cloud Gaming, HTML5 Game Publishing, and Advertising Platform with Cash Prizes for High Scores

Grifo – Opensource portfolio using Google Docs spreadsheet as CMS. (CoffeeScript + Backbone.js)

Harvest – Simple online time tracking software.

HelpShelf – Upload and Organize your technical PDFs with full text search

Heroscale – Tool that monitors and scales your Heroku dynos/workers

Koding – Cloud Development Environment with PHP/Ruby/Perl/Python support. (Coming version is 100% coffee + node.js)

Newebe – Distributed social network.

nodejs-twitter – Twitter like engine built with MongoDB — Agile project management for lean teams who love GitHub

ProcessingCoffeeScript – Online Editor for processing.js sketches written in CoffeeScript.

PixieEngine – Web based IDE focusing on HTML5 game development.

Poetry – A Collaborative Poetry app using CoffeeScript, NodeJS and MongoDb.

Posterous – Blogging platform. Used CoffeeScript to create its revamped “Spaces” front-end. (source)

Repo Health Check – A client-side repo analyzer writting with CoffeeScript and jQuery.

Sellaround – A social commerce widget written with CoffeeScript and jQuery.

ShareLaTeX – A real time collaborative LaTeX editor inside the browser

Showbomber – A mash-up of upcoming concerts and videos.

Solitr – Solitaire game (GitHub)

Strut – ImpressJS GUI / Authoring tool

Swipes - Simple and powerful daily task planner

The Agile Planner – A rather visual app for agile teams to plan and track their work.

Trello – Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards.

Twisted Life – A video game based on Conway's Life (source code).

Tzigla – Collaborative drawing application. Includes a pixel art editor.

WebGLCraft – WebGL implementation of Minecraft written in Three.js and Coffeescript.

web-terminal – Persistent real time, multi-user terminal for web browser.

Widescript – Digital textbook platform

WordSquared – Massively multiplayer online scrabble (previously known as

Mobile (iOS/Android)

Airbnb Mobile – Mobile web version of Airbnb (Backbone + CoffeeScript)

Album Plus – Native iPhone Photo app (Pure CoffeeScript compiled with Titanium)

Ars Technica iPad application – Official Ars Technica application for the iPad

Basecamp Mobile – Mobile web version of 37signals’ Basecamp (Backbone + CoffeeScript + Eco)

ChainCal – iPhone app for tracking daily goals (Backbone + CoffeeScript + Eco)

Chalk – A simple drawing application for the iPad.

CrowdGame Trivially – Multiplayer iPad game. Players interact via their smartphone browsers. Appcelerator-based. Written in CoffeeScript, with an Objective-C HTTP server, which serves pages to remote users written in CoffeeScript.

HotelTonight – Hotel finder. Both the iPhone app and Android app are written in CoffeeScript. For the iPhone app, it is an Appcelerator Titanium based app, and the Android app is an HTML5 app (using Backbone.js and jQuery Mobile).

Tech Demos

Coffee Break – A small version of Breakout/Arkanoid, implemented in CoffeeScript and Canvas. Source here

Conway's Game Of Life – An implementation of Conway’s Game of Life using OOP CoffeeScript.

Conway's Game Of Life – A small simulation of Conway’s Game of Life.

Conway's Game Of Life – Conway’s game of life with annotated source.

cortex – "core technologies" – MMO game platform written on node.js and WebGL.

Eight Queens – Eight Queens, animated and annotated

Gates of Olympus – A browser based 3D tower defense game, using WebGL (source)

Viper – Remake of an old Amiga game, a variant of a Snake, using Canvas and WebSockets for multiplayer support.

Tools and Frameworks

Build and Deployment

Buildr – The (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)

Brunch – a lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with emphasis on elegance and simplicity on top of Backbone.js, eco, jQuery, Stitch, and Stylus.

CoffeeScript Project Template – Build system for CoffeeScript projects compiled with Google’s Closure Compiler

Dieter – Asset pipeline for clojure, supporting CoffeeScript and HamlCoffee.

heroku-buildpack-coffeescript – Heroku buildpack that supports compiling Coffeescript source files into javascript during the slug compilation phase, so you don't have to add compiled files to version control

settings – Simple, hierarchical environment-based app settings.


CouchDB - A database for the web

mongo-model - Model for MongoDB (Node.JS). Presentation

query-engine – A NoSQL (and MongoDB compliant) Query Engine coded in CoffeeScript for Server-Side use with Node.js and Client-Side use with Web-Browsers

riak-js – Node.js Riak client


amCoffee CoffeeScript version of the Chrome Console

CoffeeScriptLineMatcher Line mappings for CoffeeScript

Design Patterns

WebActors – Actors for JavaScript

meta_code CoffeeScript metaprogramming tools

Documentation Generators

CoffeeDoc – An API documentation generator for CoffeeScript

Docco – Quick-and-dirty literate-programming-style documentation generator for CoffeeScript. Used to produce the annotated source.

Codo – CoffeeScript API documentation generator. It’s like YARD but for CoffeeScript! – Online Codo documentation server.

Flow Control

yuemeng – A design pattern from top to bottom; A choice for coffeescript of control flow with syntax: go -> fisrt -> auto(second1, second2) -> three. beautiful async and parellel style!

seq – Chainable asynchronous flow control; written in Javascript, works with coffee (methods ending in underscores added specifically to work with coffee to thread along this explicitly)

SCION – StateCharts Interpretation and Optimization eNgine (SCION) is an implementation of SCXML/Statecharts targeting JavaScript environments.

Game Development

chem – 2D canvas-based game engine and toolchain optimized for rapid development. Supports coffee-script out of the box.

Module Loaders – CommonJS

browserify – Mix and match CoffeeScript and Javascript in your browser-side require()s

nibjs – Compile and Concatenate your CoffeeScript files for the browser

Stitch – Stitch CommonJS modules together for the browser. Includes support for CoffeeScript and Eco modules.


CoffeeKup – Markaby in CoffeeScript

Cupcake – Web App Template Generator for CoffeeScript

DOMBrew – Eloquent DOM Builder

eco – Embedded CoffeeScript templates (the erb of CoffeeScript)

ECT – Performance focused JavaScript template engine with embedded CoffeeScript syntax

haml-coffee – Haml templates where you can write inline CoffeeScript.

Lilyturf – HTML and CSS templating in CoffeeScript's nice syntax.

Milk – Mustache templating in CoffeeScript – A lightweight CoffeeScript library/DSL for reactive programming and for declaratively building dynamic web UIs, focusing on simplicity and scalability


coffee-spec – An event-driven unit testing library.

Twerp – Synchronous class-based unit testing framework.

Zombie.js – headless full-stack testing using node.js

Decaf – Slim in Coffeescript

Node.js Web App Frameworks

Coffee4Clients – Renders Coffeescript as Javascript on Express.js

coffeemate – the coffee creamer! Push coffeescript into web development.

CouchCover – mock evironment for testing CouchDB design document functions

DocPad – a language agnostic document management system, which includes built-in support for CoffeeScript to Javascript compilation

Kiss.js – Web framework for Node.js. Object-oriented, simple and sexy.

Node Simple Router – routing library that featuring Sinatra-like DSL for defining routes, session handling, template rendering and other goodies.

SocketStream – real-time web framework developed by AOL

Tower – Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js and the Browser.

zappa, now zappajs – DSL for CoffeeKup,, express

Node.js Server Apps

camo – Asset Proxy for Secure Embedding (used internally by GitHub)

cruds – Create, Read, Update, Delete, Subscribe and unsubscribe with REST, WebSockets and MongoDB.

diaspora-x2 – Diaspora ported to XMPP and CoffeeScript.

Groove Basin – no-nonsense music client and server based on mpd and

Nack – Serve Rack applications from Node.js

Pixel Ping – DocumentCloud’s pixel tracker for embedded documents.

Pow – Rack web server for Mac OS X, from 37signals

Other Node.js Libraries

Daonode – functional logic solver with built in parser

Math – high performance 2D/3D extensions for CommonJS’s “Math” module

NowPad – Realtime Text Collaboration for Node.js apps

PDFKit – A powerful PDF generation library for Node.js


Atom – A hackable text editor for the 21st Century

Blocky – Clientside QR code generation

coffeecoffee – CoffeeScript interpreter (no JS compilation required)

CoffeeLint – A CoffeeScript style checker.

Courier – npm packages in CoffeeScript: ( -> (package.json)

Curator.js – A flexible process monitoring and management framework

Curtains – A keyframe & event-driven, general purpose animation tool.

FilePad – Edit your local files in your browser with realtime collaboration

Jim – Vim mode for Ace, the editor in Github & Cloud9 (annotated source)

Moviesualization – Films visualization with processing.js(written in Coffeescript)(github)

Open Tweet Filter – A browser extension to filter tweets. (CoffeeScript + CoffeeKup + Knockout + jQuery)

oriDomi – Fold up the DOM like paper

Rollups — Tool/library to “roll up” sets of event timestamps into counts for specified windows of time

Tag – Simple window titles

ToE – Theory of Everything – MMORPG written in CoffeeScript on node.js and HTML (WebGL, WebSocket)

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