Text editor plugins

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Text editor plugins

  • Brewer: rbrcurtis's Brewer project browser based editor uses the ace editor (which cloud9 also uses) to show the compiled JS alongside your coffeescript, much like the coffeescript homepage, and runs a simple nodejs webserver on your machine to provide file manipulation functionality.

  • Browser: Fiddle Salad has an online IDE with CoffeeScript syntax highlighting, auto-complete, preview of compiled JS, and a JavaScript to CoffeeScript converter

  • Cloud9IDE: tanepiper's Cloud9IDE CoffeeScript Live extension - provides a live debug environment for .coffee files in Cloud9. Of course, written in CoffeeScript too!

  • Coda/SubEthaEdit:

  • CodeMirror: coffeescript-codemirror-mode

  • Emacs:

    • defunkt's CoffeeScript Major Mode — provides syntax highlighting, indentation support, and some bonus commands.
    • coffeelintnode - provides on-the-fly coffeelint-ing of a coffee-script buffer using node.js, coffeelint and flymake-mode.
    • AKFish's ac-coffee - a simple coffee script auto complete source.
  • Espresso:

    • CoffeeScript.sugar – port of the CoffeeScript Textmate Bundle, provides syntax highlighting.
  • Far Manager:

  • gedit:

  • IntelliJ IDEA/RubyMine/PyCharm/PHPStorm/WebStorm:

    • yeungda's coffeescript-idea — provides syntax highlighting. development halted: see next item.
    • netzpirat's CoffeeBrew — an extensive refactoring and improvement upon coffeescript-idea. development halted: see next item.
    • Official Support is planned for RubyMine 4, using CoffeeBrew as a base. Whether or not this support will be more widely available is currently up in the air. Please add your comments to the bug tracker if you would like to see CoffeeScript support in other jetbrains products than just RubyMine, with all of the features one would expect from a jetbrains product (completion, inspections/intentions, auto-fix, go-to-definition, etc).
  • jEdit: dhotson's and balazstth's coffeescript-jedit — which provides syntax highlighting and indentation support in jEdit.

  • Kate: max99x's kate-coffeescript — provides syntax highlighting.

  • NetBeans: dstepanov's coffeescript-netbeans - compiles .coffee files without Node.js, advanced syntax highlighting, error checking by background compilation and autocompilation. Support for indentation, formatting and code folding.

  • Notepad++: blakmatrix's CoffeeScript_notepad_UDL - provides syntax highlighting.

  • Sublime Text 2: Xavura's CoffeeScript Sublime Plugin Syntax highlighting and checking, commands, shortcuts, snippets, compilation and more.

  • Sublime Text 2/3: aponxi's Better CoffeeScript Syntax highlighting, snippets, and many commands.

  • Textadept: rgieseke's CoffeeScript Textadept module — provides snippets, additional key commands and indentation support.

  • TextMate: jashkenas's CoffeeScript TextMate bundle — provides syntax highlighting, snippet expansion, and the ability to run bits of CoffeeScript from within TextMate itself.

  • TideBrewer: haroldo-ok's TideBrewer is a quick-and-dirty standalone CoffeeScript editor for desktops, adapted from rbrcurtis's Brewer. It uses TideSdk for integrating with the OS.

  • Vim: kchmck's Vim CoffeeScript — adds Vim syntax highlighting, linting, indentation support. See also syntax-only fork without coffee compiler dependency.

  • Vim snippets collections carlosvillu's CoffeeScript Vim Snippets - add snippets to be used with the snippets vim plugin.

  • Vim: claco's plugin for jasmine testing in vim with support for CoffeeScript Jasmine/CoffeeSCript Vim Plugin

  • Vim: clvv's fork of a.vim - support for switching between .coffee and compiled .js files.

  • Vim: othree's coffee-check.vim — Will try to compile coffee file when you save it, and reports compile error.

  • Visual Studio:

    • CoffeeLite
    • Mindscape Web Workbench - works with CoffeeScript, Sass, and LESS. Free version provides syntax highlighting and compiles CoffeeScript files automatically on save. Pro version adds automatic minification of JavaScript files.
    • Web Essentials - includes a preview window, compilation, minification, and syntax highlighting.
  • BBEdit: pmuellr's CoffeeScript BBEdit Language Module / plist - not perfect, but seems to handle most things in an acceptable fashion.

  • Eclipse-Aptana: provided by Titanium (Aptana) Studio. For now just syntax coloring and a basic class/method outline.

  • Nodeclipse CoffeeScript Editor (Eclipse) is refresh of Adam Schmideg's coffeescript-eclipse Editor. http://marketplace.eclipse.org/content/nodeclipse-coffeescript-editor or Quick installer is on Marketplace. Status: project is looking for owner/contributors

  • Atom:

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