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#### Default Template
-**docco** is the default Docco template and CSS file that outputs a ready-to-go
-HTML page that you can upload and be done with. It has an elegant page layout
-that is optimized for desktop viewing.
+`docco.jst` and `docco.css` comprise the default Docco template, which
+outputs ready-to-go HTML files for you to upload to you webserver.
You can use the default template simply by invoking Docco
docco src/*.coffee
#### Pagelet Template
-**pagelet** is a custom Docco template and CSS file that outputs a block of HTML
-can be loaded and incorporated into an existing website structure (e.g. using
-jQuery.ajax calls for a specific doc page.)
+`pagelet.jst` and `pagelet.css` output HTML that can be incorporated
+into an existing DOM.
-You can use the pagelet template by passing the correct options to Docco. If
-you are running from the docco directory
+If you are running from the docco directory
docco src/*.coffee -t resources/pagelet.jst -c resources/pagelet.css

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