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Move pagelet into resources, and update the readme to describe the de…

…fault docco template and css files
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1 parent 00b4a7b commit dceb45241d2506aafcf3b28ea87dbbd55ed6dd26 @justindujardin justindujardin committed Mar 15, 2012
16 resources/pagelet/ → resources/
@@ -1,14 +1,26 @@
+#### Default Template
+**docco** is the default Docco template and CSS file that outputs a ready-to-go
+HTML page that you can upload and be done with. It has an elegant page layout
+that is optimized for desktop viewing.
+You can use the default template simply by invoking Docco
+ docco src/*.coffee
+#### Pagelet Template
**pagelet** is a custom Docco template and CSS file that outputs a block of HTML
can be loaded and incorporated into an existing website structure (e.g. using
jQuery.ajax calls for a specific doc page.)
You can use the pagelet template by passing the correct options to Docco. If
you are running from the docco directory
- docco src/*.coffee -t resources/pagelet/pagelet.jst -c resources/pagelet/pagelet.css
+ docco src/*.coffee -t resources/pagelet.jst -c resources/pagelet.css
...will generate a custom output of a CSS file that contains only the syntax
-highlighting styles, and output HTML files describe the page.
+highlighting styles, and HTML files describing the sources.
- Each page emits a `<ul class="sections">` element that contains all of the
sections of generated HTML, for both the docs and highlighted code.
0 resources/pagelet/pagelet.css → resources/pagelet.css
File renamed without changes.
0 resources/pagelet/pagelet.jst → resources/pagelet.jst
File renamed without changes.
4 test/
@@ -66,11 +66,11 @@ test "documenting Docco", ->
test "custom JST template file", ->
test_docco_run "custom_jst",
- template: "#{resources_path}/pagelet/pagelet.jst"
+ template: "#{resources_path}/pagelet.jst"
# Verify we can use a custom CSS file
test "custom CSS file", ->
test_docco_run "custom_css",
- css: "#{resources_path}/pagelet/pagelet.css"
+ css: "#{resources_path}/pagelet.css"

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