Make the "Jump To..." menu work on mobile (touch) devices #122

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keithamus commented Oct 29, 2012

As per conversations from #110, the "Jump to..." menu does not work on touch devices.

At current, on Android, as soon as you touch your finger to the "Jump To" button, the menu shows but the first item begins behaving like a click event, and so a tap on the "Jump To" button just takes you to the first result in the menu.

The desired behaviour may be to make the jump to menu only work on click rather than on hover for ALL devices.


justindujardin commented Oct 30, 2012

Interesting report on the Android behavior. While working on #110, I had to fidget with the jump menu, to get it to work on my iOS mobile device.

The best mobile-compatible strategy would seem to be using some Javascript to listen to the proper events, but I worry about opening the door to having JS associated with Docco; once there is, I worry that we'll see a bunch of pull requests that attempt to add to it recklessly. That being said, if there was some JS associated with Docco, making a more complex template, e.g. one that properly supports recursive hierarchy outputs, would become much easier to grapple with. But I digress.

I don't own an Android based device, but I'll pull down the emulator and see if I can reproduce this.


jashkenas commented Mar 13, 2013

Any update on this? Does the current release of Docco work properly on this particular device, or no?

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