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Markdown documentation #39

marksiegal opened this Issue · 2 comments

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marksiegal Eric Allam Justin DuJardin

Two small issues with

Highlights a single chunk of CoffeeScript code, using Pygments over stdio,
and runs the text of its corresponding comment through Markdown, using
the Github-flavored-Markdown modification of Showdown.js.

First, it looks like you're not using GFM anymore: e53a2be.

Second, the Showdown.js link is broken and points to a domain-parking page. Maybe you could link to this mirror on GitHub.

Eric Allam

I forked docco and added a couple modifications to use GFM using the marked processor.

Just do:

npm install git:// -g
Justin DuJardin justindujardin closed this issue from a commit
Justin DuJardin justindujardin Update Showdown link in Documentation
Resolves #39 is no longer available, and this Github repo gives credit to the original authors, and has a test suite, etc.  Looks better than a dead link.
Justin DuJardin

I closed this issue by updating the link to a valid Showdown js page. With respect to GFM support, that has been removed entirely. Thanks for pointing this out.

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