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Added a tuple for the Scheme language in languages.json #172

merged 5 commits into from

3 participants


Title says it all.


Wow, that's a lot of commits for what ended up as a one-line configuration change ;)

@jashkenas jashkenas merged commit c750d31 into from

@dragonwasrobot Was this tested? Scheme support has since been removed by #183 as it's not supported by highlight.js and *.scm files were causing errors when passed into docco.

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Commits on Mar 21, 2013
  1. @dragonwasrobot
  2. @dragonwasrobot

    merged with jashenkas.

    dragonwasrobot authored
  3. @dragonwasrobot

    removed test.

    dragonwasrobot authored
  4. @dragonwasrobot

    fixed typos.

    dragonwasrobot authored
  5. @dragonwasrobot


    dragonwasrobot authored
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  1. +1 −0  resources/languages.json
1  resources/languages.json
@@ -24,5 +24,6 @@
".m": {"name": "objc", "symbol": "//"},
".scala": {"name": "scala", "symbol": "//"},
".cs": {"name": "c#", "symbol": "//"},
+ ".scm": {"name": "scheme", "symbol": ";;"},
"Makefile": {"name": "make", "symbol": "#"}
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