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* Check for memory leaks.
* Lazy-download web resources, cache locally.
* Test on XP and Linux.
* Fake a progress bar ?
* Color tint magnitude?
* Pretty glowing OPENGL bars or mounds coming up out of each quake.
* links on map overlay to news and gmap
* twitter status
* search google news
* Hook into Google News ?
* google maps loaded when you click on a map
* Animated quakes
* Make a webpage for downloading it.
* (crop/scale maps).
* Smooth scrolling when tabbing between quakes.
* Nice glassy overlay for maps as well as twitter, with close button.
* Hook into the USGS's ground shake maps ... display 'em.
* Nice textual display of info for a quake.
* Use arrow keys to tab around quakes, sorted by longitude.
* Optimize the globe-rendering code.
* Make some epicenter-y graphics for quake badges.
* Hook into Twitter Geo Search.