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dee0316 jruby 1.6.4 & processing 1.5.1. Automated build process
Guillaume Pierronnet authored
1 syntax: glob
2910652 @martinstannard ignore vim swp files
martinstannard authored
2 .DS_Store
3 *.sw*
0141974 @monkstone update to shiffmans box2d library
monkstone authored
4 *~
265a2db @monkstone update to processing-2.0 jruby-1.7.4
monkstone authored
5 *.pdf
60cb8ac @jashkenas Fixing application exporting inconsistencies on windows and library load...
6 *.gem
7b3215c @monkstone first new commit
monkstone authored
7 *.tgz
8 *.jar
9 *.zip
66905fd @monkstone suppress output
monkstone authored
10 samples/processing_app/topics/file_io/output/*.png
71b6dc0 Move jruby-complete.jar, and make external jruby default
monkstone authored
11 Gemfile.lock
889d63f @monkstone gitignore for rbenv users, prune contributed
monkstone authored
12 .ruby-version
b1fbc80 @monkstone various
monkstone authored
13 .jrubyrc
890c146 @monkstone getting ready for possible minor release
monkstone authored
14 tmp
8325759 @monkstone move samples to their own repo, don't include in gem
monkstone authored
15 vendors/*.tar.gz
9a7a2ef @monkstone tune control_panel file_chooser
monkstone authored
16 nbproject
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