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Commits on Jan 20, 2009
  1. Bumping to 1.0.2

    Former-commit-id: e519c42
    Former-commit-id: bf3cd92eb610457e4d8dc8adf4ba087f20d3dee6
  2. Fixing application exporting inconsistencies on windows and library l…

    …oading in exported applications and adding a hidden java_args.txt option
    Former-commit-id: e81457d
    Former-commit-id: cd45d89650e0e2908ae80dd21ca6992a27802890
Commits on Jan 18, 2009
  1. Adding some sketches from the Processing download

    Former-commit-id: d42ff11
    Former-commit-id: a1549b4b3ef8ae6a27cbe8ff5e0825956dcf89c4
Commits on Jan 17, 2009
  1. Adding degrees, radians and mag to the list of static methods to be p…

    …roxied down
    Former-commit-id: 9b3f1ed
    Former-commit-id: 9de3a47d7eda52ba32610a8fa4a32a0426de711a
  2. including core P-classes in the Processing::App, you can just say PVe…

    …ctor instead of Processing::PVector
    Former-commit-id: 56364c4
    Former-commit-id: 84db480f1143090de3ea46bf9cda1c4f0ac0eeea
  3. maybe fix the gem building on github (it doesn't matter since it's al…

    …ready available through rubyforge)
    Former-commit-id: 16afdf4
    Former-commit-id: 6a2e07590f7f82922f505c0aee6474b3258be869
  4. pushing gemspec again to make sure it builds

    Former-commit-id: ca59c7b
    Former-commit-id: 248facaf4f49702ea925f7f8dc4b2f8ac5e8935e
  5. Getting ready for Ruby-Processing 1.0.1 (I've decided to call the gem…

    … release that because it lines up with the latest processing)
    Former-commit-id: ff366dc
    Former-commit-id: 3daf0f569e86805437483813f9fde61c0e16e6f1
  6. little fix ups on rp5 unpack, adjustments to load_libraries, and conv…

    …erting samples to use it
    Former-commit-id: d6b5554
    Former-commit-id: ca0a8037482bcfbe032650e0cf528719f5f6ca12
  7. Merge branch 'gem' of git:// int…

    …o gem
    Former-commit-id: 9bd9c76
    Former-commit-id: b381f1a9157871a2cd283b0cd28020999cea92b2
  8. fixing lerp_color for real this time

    Former-commit-id: 587d629
    Former-commit-id: e37d20982fbb998cef0a7c3bd0c92fa5d0652ad8
  9. I think I've got this Windows App exporting licked. What a pain.

    Former-commit-id: d6516bb
    Former-commit-id: 790828103dc90bb39d3ac1f23fdbcb781932f5f5
Commits on Jan 16, 2009
  1. @naehrstoff

    Suggestion: when creating a sketch the required libraries can be pass…

    naehrstoff authored
    …ed in. If OpenGL is among them, also add a render_mode statement.
    Former-commit-id: cc68582
    Former-commit-id: 7ece79ac4da96b9a6ddf9d309fe0cf2393b526cb
  2. @naehrstoff

    Change: Renamed `unpack_samples` to `unpack [samples | library]`, so …

    naehrstoff authored
    …a user can also look at the examples and documentation that libraries ship with.
    Former-commit-id: b0fd9fb
    Former-commit-id: 2d029a1867248f12c2772e25c22e297d347f04c3
  3. @naehrstoff

    Libraries can now be loaded without caring about their type using `lo…

    naehrstoff authored
    …ad_library :opengl, :boids`.
    Former-commit-id: d36f06b
    Former-commit-id: 392c11153f1e7cfbf7dcfc6a2784a9e7450d72d1
  4. @naehrstoff

    Merge branch 'gem' of git:// into…

    naehrstoff authored
    … gem
    Former-commit-id: 6bfa978
    Former-commit-id: c72690136e2c6fa67877cb57d1cd5da1e4c9f1ac
  5. @naehrstoff

    Merge branch 'master' of git:// i…

    naehrstoff authored
    …nto gem
    Former-commit-id: da6aad3
    Former-commit-id: 87c2182660aa2fee3bbd1aba2426b42d6e7ff707
  6. Refactor of both the Applet and Application exporters ... ahh, much b…

    Former-commit-id: 9eaf677
    Former-commit-id: 3a47aab7ae6ce91f735d5e652d5b18b9ca38f19c
  7. Working application export on windows, still a little crappy though

    Former-commit-id: 7d996ba
    Former-commit-id: f5d4afe2dd9495bdc498a38eab9ab1da85f94de4
Commits on Jan 14, 2009
  1. Merge branch 'master' into gem

    Former-commit-id: 088edc0
    Former-commit-id: 8de33a5ded4f66c0693bd2d221d1b8635ffe00dd
  2. tiny tweaks to martin's chapter 15/16 sketches

    Former-commit-id: 8045dfa
    Former-commit-id: a0f632bdd9d0d75768aedfacafb3a3c5ff11f33d
  3. Merge branch 'master' of git://

    Former-commit-id: eaa7016
    Former-commit-id: e44efee821b308bf0faf4f834c39f760ca0117fe
  4. lerp_color shouldn't be proxied as a static method

    Former-commit-id: 4f5e5e3
    Former-commit-id: 26b9be2f1a290ac926f8f55202164aa1d1f84043
  5. lerp_color shouldn't be proxied as a static method

    Former-commit-id: 4e9bdd7
    Former-commit-id: 67b9187f4ffc1a62c6762d763108ed5aa304a18b
Commits on Jan 13, 2009
  1. Added example 2 Learning Processing chapter 16 - Manipulate Video Image

    Martin Stannard authored
    Former-commit-id: 648bdc8
    Former-commit-id: 79f1043621179a0898bc4d7cac564dc3cef93208
  2. Added example 1 Learning Processing chapter 16 - Capture Video

    Martin Stannard authored
    Former-commit-id: cf7ddad
    Former-commit-id: dd64c2cbb4b5727fac27df7a3997541e9a69f64c
  3. Added example 15 to Learning Processing Chapter 15

    Martin Stannard authored
    Former-commit-id: 395a557
    Former-commit-id: 2653e44f7b739c476810e9145d3d563cccfd7ea1
  4. hopeful tweaks for win and linux application export

    Former-commit-id: 6e35362
    Former-commit-id: 4dbd344052598f6af7e766dc12a0b7a766925609
  5. adding an about page for Learning Processing and cleaning up some wor…

    Former-commit-id: 3510967
    Former-commit-id: d636f91d6292a236ee0d08208e1346cc4e19dac4
  6. teeny cleanup of ensure_exists

    Former-commit-id: 725edb1
    Former-commit-id: 26d6f702b021a7745b6994aee03f66bacb2752dc
  7. Merge branch 'gem' of git:// int…

    …o gem
    Former-commit-id: 3a1782a
    Former-commit-id: e700b2cb2e69603e4747b4728a4d7dd27c96cf17
  8. Merge branch 'master' into gem

    Former-commit-id: 7434cfa
    Former-commit-id: 5afcb45acbf6fabc01be9233ca8061191fc73247
  9. tiny tweaks to chapter 15's examples. The Pointillism one is RAD

    Former-commit-id: 61df653
    Former-commit-id: ada220762acc08d4df7e8aac7168822bd94e575f
Commits on Jan 12, 2009
  1. Added examples 14 from chapter 15 of Learning Processing

    Martin Stannard authored
    Former-commit-id: 58d1588
    Former-commit-id: f2319fc069f8618ad3414653c1e1a306763b7fd3
  2. Added examples 10, 11 & 12 from chapter 15 of Learning Processing

    Martin Stannard authored
    Former-commit-id: 3db6c1f
    Former-commit-id: 2030256c68596dcdc867b09468f380da158cd302
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