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Commits on Mar 28, 2009
  1. bumping to 1.0.5 for release

    Former-commit-id: 9c2a001
    Former-commit-id: d5de650f2ae5f15957def446be3a23f679b20da7
  2. parsing --bare no matter which argument it is

    Former-commit-id: 0e982dc
    Former-commit-id: 427bce47fb1a1d0ac5f1a42de8528fc30e96a527
  3. fixing export params

    Former-commit-id: 70e4637
    Former-commit-id: 19926569a36febf62cca6549661c7583fd336e97
  4. letting the watcher catch name errors as well as syntax errors

    Former-commit-id: 7bbcaa1
    Former-commit-id: 113ecc6f960f2d9a13fd6490e7a9434506b79801
  5. removing the simpleML library, it lives in learning-processing-with-r…

    …uby now
    Former-commit-id: 46e2a53
    Former-commit-id: 19d635a92f652818aa79a0d863384f7dba877b31
  6. Moving Learning Processing examples out into their own project, which…

    … they so richly deserve. Check 'em out in 'learning-processing-with-ruby'
    Former-commit-id: 9fdbc5a
    Former-commit-id: 8716b9502ea7499501bb998d9b6e08adfce17f3c
  7. adding load_strings and save_strings

    Former-commit-id: 23ff6a9
    Former-commit-id: 73d755ff95d8788c20fafd6d9e8bc848729e262f
  8. merging 1 2 3 4

    Former-commit-id: 372cba4
    Former-commit-id: dd4dd0ef7f6e190bd4e7d48e1c88babe6138dec6
  9. fixing permissions on the friggin patches

    Former-commit-id: fc42ad9
    Former-commit-id: 6f016d7379b0f0ca47f90c4c2bea4f479833c245
Commits on Mar 27, 2009
  1. bumping up to 1.0.4

    Former-commit-id: 86edc66
    Former-commit-id: c2a30b63e7000e5ee571e1d6a268884d57a8ed71
  2. @jurisgalang

    Added samples 7 and 8 from chapter 18 of Learning Processing

    jurisgalang committed
    Bundled simpleML library (used in chapter 18 samples)
    Former-commit-id: 32db588
    Former-commit-id: 9691c22b021c947194d7f5d50e8c0d6c8c0961da
  3. need to make sure that @render_mode is defined, at least defaulted

    Former-commit-id: e84645b
    Former-commit-id: 1ae2c66e8a3d1d588a504a271a60573a089985cd
  4. making description parsing work just a little better

    Former-commit-id: 6df452c
    Former-commit-id: da7e624404c03e62200067ffc07fc7648d6980c1
  5. wording tweak

    Former-commit-id: 7ea1200
    Former-commit-id: 587dd4e90cadf4a46f05f1bc87affccc003b4b47
  6. adding a --bare option to rp5 create

    Former-commit-id: f715c3f
    Former-commit-id: f7d06ef1620407cb428f85cd6a2b095c430cbc0c
  7. fixing race condition with full-screen sketchmaking from the constructor

    Former-commit-id: f460897
    Former-commit-id: b6e8095b0f08bbd34816589be2cdda342d6a95b1
Commits on Mar 26, 2009
  1. @jurisgalang

    Better implementation for split(..) and split_tokens(..)

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: d72c253
    Former-commit-id: 0289798a1bb28010dfc4887b7fe3e051fa430545
Commits on Mar 24, 2009
  1. @jurisgalang

    Comment at the top updated.

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: b54a608
    Former-commit-id: 3c1103289011bea1615cf29cc2a87bd67909873b
  2. @jurisgalang


    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: d0e5b82
    Former-commit-id: 6c4fb1f28b76a9a33c090ef7d61c4bad5425f2d3
  3. @jurisgalang

    Added sample 6 for chapter 18 of Learning Processing + font resource

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: e54b36f
    Former-commit-id: 99373b956bc89fdb5c7b3152932e356948c75785
  4. @jurisgalang

    Set default token arg value for split_tokens(..)

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: 41f3d05
    Former-commit-id: 68947eed4d4077a3dd3d1ba7713e09e8f19bad8d
  5. @jurisgalang

    Added Processing API method: split_tokens(..)

    jurisgalang committed
    method split(..) now uses PApplet.split(..)
    Former-commit-id: 013afa9
    Former-commit-id: 0129bb4ca57afd37612aa83da1dd90f7bd31ef8f
  6. @jurisgalang

    - int(..) and float(..) method will now return either an int or float…

    jurisgalang committed
    … or an array of int or float depending on the number of resulting elements after the strings arguments is passed.
    - Added sample 5 for chapter 18 of Learning Processing
    - Removed extraneous code in sample 4
    Former-commit-id: 3be1a2c
    Former-commit-id: 1261e606f2269f24210c1dc951648bc1b04fceed
Commits on Mar 23, 2009
  1. @jurisgalang

    More explicit check of the 2nd args type in save_strings(..) method.

    jurisgalang committed
    Sample 4 for chapter 18 was using loadStrings(..)
    Former-commit-id: 97c5101
    Former-commit-id: b86f28f043a88e0784d1875fff6c21a8acda55a6
Commits on Mar 22, 2009
  1. @jurisgalang

    Updated save_strings(..) method so it will still be valid for Ruby 1.9.x

    jurisgalang committed
    Also if 2nd arg is non-array it will now convert into one.
    Cosmetics on sample 4 for chapter 18, data-2.txt
    Former-commit-id: 0a0524d
    Former-commit-id: ba2efef9a11f59c615e99a06b96d7b766fa1fd26
  2. @jurisgalang

    Added sample 4 for chapter 18

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: f449541
    Former-commit-id: e032987c64a0095d04249664b727e6e3a866f3f0
  3. @jurisgalang

    Added Processing API method: save_strings(..) which delegates to save…

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: 49fdf2a
    Former-commit-id: d4730b83a31f271174c30ae2d99cf9bc1d415c18
  4. @jurisgalang

    Samples updated to use load_strings(..) instead of loadStrings(..)

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: 6b110a6
    Former-commit-id: 8e91a0afb4373b4ef627408354fdab9fbcee0cce
  5. @jurisgalang

    Added load_strings(..) method, which delegates to loadStrings(..) but…

    jurisgalang committed
    … returns a Ruby array, instead of a a Java String[]
    Former-commit-id: 6d734b0
    Former-commit-id: 4361d4ed5c3a67c3834a23fdd0b4487dbe68d4f4
  6. @jurisgalang

    Added split(), int(), and float()

    jurisgalang committed
    Updated sample 2 and 3
    Former-commit-id: aa0d306
    Former-commit-id: 349f40e96252863fbb524c3b8cd74eec41bac5cc
Commits on Mar 21, 2009
  1. merging in Juris' examples for chapters 16 and 17 of Learning Processing

    Former-commit-id: 1013114
    Former-commit-id: 23d967280b3265f55cb42e888f495e4f4d972e6b
  2. Merge branch 'master' of git://

    Former-commit-id: e85ff7c
    Former-commit-id: f207a9a2d3c1b3fe299b25753e9cd8c73dbe25b5
  3. nearing 1.0.4, getting the applet and app exporters working with the …

    …bare style
    Former-commit-id: ee576f7
    Former-commit-id: e0c26778423d31d7f075f4cb05ae638ddbd1ce5e
Commits on Mar 20, 2009
  1. @jurisgalang

    Barren'd samples.

    jurisgalang committed
    Former-commit-id: 340e9d4
    Former-commit-id: ff734ae701048b36667dcb21e6eccc0183d4c1b0
  2. @jurisgalang

    Added sample 3 for chapter 16 of Learning Processing

    jurisgalang committed
    Added samples 1 to 3 (plus resources) for chapter 18 of Learning Processing
    Former-commit-id: e25e733
    Former-commit-id: 74093513069d7910f7de6dc34740cedd46e492bf
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