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Code as Art, Art as Code. Processing and Ruby are meant for each other.
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Is a ruby wrapper around the Processing code art framework, built using JRuby.

Processing provides a tidy API, with a bunch of handy methods you can call from Ruby-Processing. Here's a smattering:

alpha, arc, background, blend, blue, ellipse, frame_rate, hue, lerp, load_image, load_pixels, mouse_pressed, noise, rect, saturation, shape, smooth, text_align, translate, triangle...


Either clone this repo to your local Mac/Linux/Windows system

git clone

Or download a Release snapshot and unzip that followed by

cd ruby-processing
rake # build and test gem
jruby -S gem install ruby-processing-2.1.3.gem # to install gem, may need sudo

Or if not using jruby

gem install ruby-processing-2.1.3.gem # to install gem, may need sudo

Previously we were able to provide a simple install from rubygems, unfortunately this is no longer possible, owing to a policy change at (this gem is way too big), I don't think we could use bundler but I'm prepared to be proved wrong. A legacy version ruby-processing-1.0.11 is still available, but no-one is prepared to maintain it, and it would also fall foul of the policy change at


See Wiki

See also FAQs, Contributing and Samples

Usage Example

jruby -S rp5 run my_sketch.rb

or if not using system jruby

rp5 --nojruby run my_sketch.rb

where a simple my_sketch.rb could look like this

def setup
  size 400, 400  
  fill 255

def draw
  background 0
  ellipse mouse_x, mouse_y, 100, 100

or a simple 3D sketch cube.rb

def setup
  size 640, 360, P3D 
  @xmag = 0
  @ymag = 0
  @new_xmag = 0
  @new_ymag = 0 
  fill 200, 50, 50

def draw    
  background 100    
  translate width/2, height/2, -30    
  @new_xmag = mouse_x.to_f / width * TWO_PI
  @new_ymag = mouse_y.to_f / height * TWO_PI    
  diff = @xmag - @new_xmag
  @xmag -= diff / 4 if diff.abs > 0.01    
  diff = @ymag - @new_ymag
  @ymag -= diff / 4 if diff.abs > 0.01    
  box 150, 150, 150        

Supported Ruby Version

This library has been tested with the following ruby implementations

  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • Ruby 2.0.0
  • JRuby preferred (required to use rubygems in sketches)


What's new

Well for a start the repo has been drastically reduced in size, this was done by deleting unused binaries in the repos history. Anyone who has previously cloned/forked this repo ( before 27 July 2013 ), is advised to delete their clone/fork and clone/fork anew. The other major change (since ruby-processing-2.1.2) is that using an external jruby is the default (jruby-complete is retained for those sketches, mainly shader that need it, and for application export), which simplifies the use of rubygems. To revert to using the vendored jruby-complete, just use use the --nojruby flag.

New capabilities since processing-2.0 include ability to use OPENGL VBO (PShape) and GLSL shaders (PShader), to keep abreast of latest shader developments for processing check out the codeanticode blog. Some worked examples using new feature are included in the samples. The update to the latest jruby is also significant as the default is to run with ruby-1.9 support, and there have been many performance improvements. To use the invoke-dynamic java support for dynamic language, use java-7+ (NB: on the Mac need Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X version 10.7.3 and above to install java 7 otherwise use java 6). Many more worked examples are included in the Samples.

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