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`_.template` doesn't process delimiters correctly that contain newlines. #779

jdalton opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Setting a delimiter like

_.templateSettings = {
    'evaluate': /<<(.+?)>>/g

incorrectly matches the template below

<script type="text/template" id="template">
        print('<p>\"item\"' + (added ? ' added' : '') + '</p>');

even though

$('#template').html().match(_.templateSettings.evaluate); // is null

Notice the "evaluate" regexp doesn't match newlines so shouldn't match the snippet.



Hey @jdalton! I see what you mean, but I can only think of contrived cases in which this would be a problem. I suppose you're talking about instances in which you might want to include the template delimiters in the template as is?

I think it's reasonable to expect the user to be mindful of their delimiters and use a separate construct appropriately.


It actually popped up as an invalid Lo-Dash bug report. A user had that in their code. The bug is that Underscore escapes the entire string before parsing out the delimiters.


Thanks for the link to the issue @jdalton! However, after reading through it, it appears that the user was expecting the current behavior (ignoring newlines). Further, this would mean a breaking change for any code using (.*?). I think it's best to continue matching user expectation in this case.

@braddunbar braddunbar closed this

It's clearly a bug in Underscore. Other contributors have advocated using correct delimiters, but if Underscore doesn't respect the delimiter then what's the point?


If you go back to Underscore v1.3.1 you will see it behave correctly. This is a regression.

Further, this would mean a breaking change for any code using (.*?).

Underscore has already implemented several breaking changes, however this is a bug fix.


Agreed with @jdalton: this is a bug.


I didn't realize that it was a regression and behaved differently in v1.3.1. Thanks for pointing it out. :)

@braddunbar braddunbar reopened this

Addressed in #782.

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