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arhea commented Mar 7, 2013

Moved the build system to Grunt so that the build system is the same language as the code. I was able to integrate the test suite and uglify.


  • The version number in the package.json has to be one version ahead of what is on NPM otherwise it causes a circular dependency.
  • Using jshint threw a few problems after suppressing stylistic things
    • a == 0 on line 857. I know why this is being done but jshint doesn't let you turn it off
    • return bound = function() { on line 588. Again, no jshint option.

I was able to resolve both of these but I wanted to get some feedback on possible resolutions before I did them.

arhea commented Mar 7, 2013

Just to clarify code linting is not included in the tests right now. I think it should be but I dont run the project so I am not sure if that is something you even want?


Thanks -- but I'm afraid I don't much enjoy using Grunt. I'd be happy to switch to a Node.js build script -- but it should be simple executable code for the tasks, not a JSON configuration.

@jashkenas jashkenas closed this May 26, 2013
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