Latest commit ef9ee4b Apr 23, 2016 @captbaritone captbaritone Make functions in docs filterable
With a utility library like Underscore, it is very common to open the docs with
the aim of locating the documentation for a specific function.

Currently I use my browser's search functionality, but since many functions
reference other functions, I frequently have to cycle through multiple matches
before I arrive at the actual function's description.

This patch aims to improve this common use case by offering a "filter" input
above the list of functions. As a user types, the list of functions (and
section titles) is reduced, leaving only the matching functions. If the user
presses enter, they are jumped to the documentation for the first matching

This functionality (and implementation) is greatly inspired by the
implementation that is included in the [Ramda docs](

You can read their source code [here](